Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE!

So here we are, half way through the week and so far so good, well sort of. I had a visit to the doctors today. Apparently it’s not good, my blood pressure’s back up, it was 150 over 104 so I’m back in the exploding head area again. He also told me that my liver’s not great, my cholesterol’s 4.9, apparently 0.8 of that is good the rest, not so good. I have to get the 0.8 up to at least 1, ideally 1.5. The big news is that after the blood test I had last week, it seems that there’s a 90% chance that I have type 2 diabetes. The doc said that it’s relatively easy to control with diet (I shall now go and wash my mouth out!) and meds. Fortunately it’s tablets not injections. The one bit of good news is that it can go away. With a bit of weight loss I can rid myself of the liver problem, the high blood pressure and diabetes. However, the doctor did say that he’s only had one other patient with the same condition as me who got it all sorted. Now there’s a challenge! I have another blood test at the end of October to confirm the diabetes, such fun.

Work’s been hectic so far, lots of good challenges to keep me on my toes, I enjoy the challenges that work throws up, they can be fun. Most of them are easily dealt with but we should never have gotten rid of the shower.

Two days of work left and only 71 days until Christmas, woo hoo! It can’t come quick enough, mince pies, Christmas pud, turkey, sprouts, crackers and pressies, I love getting pressies. I also love seeing the looks on other people’s faces when they open their pressies and get something they’ve really wanted. Another thing I look forward to is the works Christmas meal. It’s really nice to sit with the team and not be all sensible and growed up. I can, metaphorically speaking, let my hair down. It’s been 6 years since I had my long hair cut, so letting my hair down is a bit difficult these days. But this year I may have a glass or two of JD and coke. That’ll shock ‘em, sensible old me drinking JD. Makes a change from southern comfort, especially as there aren’t many places that have Irn Bru available, and the choice of ales is a bit limited. I shall have to check out this year’s venue to see what’s and tap.

Speaking of metaphors, apparently my mother’s become one! My bonkers sister has moved her from the oil lamp, don’t ask, and put her in the cemetery, about time too! I bet she was getting a bit ripe by now! Mad sisters, I have three of them! My one, and I use the term lightly, sane sister phoned today, asking if there are any further wedding plans, I told the provisional date, she asked if she and her hubby were invited, silly moo! I have to have at least one member of my more than slightly unhinged family there. I just hope that we can manage more than the usual hour a year that we see each other for, bless ‘er!

Good grief, this was almost a moan free entry, I’m shocked my own self! Still there’s always next time. So until then

Qapla! May your path to Sto-vo-Kor be problem free!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?

Sunday, the day of rest, a day for a lay in and lazing in front of the telly. Lay in? Check! Laze in front of the telly? Check! All I needed to make my Sunday complete was a full English, it’s been years since I last had a full English, it’s been a while since I had a proper Sunday lunch too. When the OH reads this, she’s gonna think I’m hinting at something. Spoke with other parties involved in the incident with the dragon today. The OH doesn’t feel very vindicated but the dragon can’t satiated by words or deeds, she’s only satisfied by the misery of others. I can picture it ending the conversation and having a broad grin on its snout. Still on to better things. I saw some photos from my half brothers wedding today; Tea thinks that my father and I look very alike, now there’s a scary thought. My brothers looked very smart and my brother’s new wife looked stunning. I wish them eternal happiness together. It seems odd to me that I have a family I’ve never met. Two brothers and a sister, I know very little about them. I do know that Jeff and I have a liking for sci-fi, horror and comic books. At one point he was writing his own, I’d like to know how he got on with that. I’ve met my step mum, albeit about ten years ago, and over the last 39 years I’ve spent a grand total of 2 days with my father. I don’t resent this but I would love the chance to get know them a bit better. The one thing I do resent is that my father doesn’t appear to acknowledge the existence of me or my sisters. On a certain social site he lists that he has three children when in fact it’s 8.

I need to get in touch with my boy to discuss the wedding arrangements with him. I’ve also told the ex of the forth coming event. I was pleasantly surprised; I was sort of expecting her reaction to be along the lines of “why are you telling me this?” but in fact she said she was very pleased and happy for me. She’s also going to tell her mum and sister. So I don’t think there’s anyone left to tell, save for a few friends who I rarely see, but considering the rarity of them I probably watchwon’t tell them.

Work tomorrow and a week of new challenges, one challenge in particular is finding my watch! I haven’t seen it since Friday. On the subject of watches, I’ve seen the next one, the rather sexy Storm mkII circuit. It’s fantastic; it’s the natchy one in the picture. Sexy isn’t it!

So that’s it for the now, unless, of course, something dead exciting happens, like alien abduction or proof of life after death. Or me seeing someone bludgeoned to within an inch of the life with a block of cheese.

So loyal viewers, I leave you with this thought, if a tree falls over, and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a noise?