Thursday, 29 April 2010

Presented in glorious technicolour and now in HD

I’m on a long weekend as of today, so this morning I spent a few hours with DTWP whilst Tea took little Miss Molly along to the vet. She needed blood tests and general checkups to ensure that the meds for Cushing’s disease is right for her and that she is having the right amount of insulin. We’ll know for sure tomorrow. Tea has to ring them in the morning to see if the tablets are in and to get the results of the tests. Molly’s been with us just under a week now and so far so good. DTWP has been absolutely brilliant with her. There’s been no aggression from him and he’s even attempted to encourage her to play. When they go in the garden he runs around like the mad pup he is, come to a dead stop watching Molly then he runs away from her, stops, looks for her and tries to get her to chase him. To no avail! Bless him, he hasn’t figured out that she can’t see him, he drops toys for her to play with, which she just walks over, and Doogs looks all downtrodden because she won’t play. But I’m really pleased that the whole thing’s gone down so well. Despite the views of certain people who think that Doogie’s going to be treated differently, quite the opposite in fact. If anything Tea and myself are showing more affection than normal to him to ensure that he doesn’t feel left out. He’s still the best pup in the world and nothing will ever change that.

There’s been a development on the home entertainment front at home, after much discussion and negotiation; Tea’s given me the OK to get a few more TV channels in. To be honest 4 stations is rubbish especially at the moment when every single blooming channel is covering the bloody election, YAWN! The only problem is that it isn’t being installed until May 12th, by then the election tat will be long done. Oh well, at least it’ll be in before the world cup. Although Tea has said that she will be watching the England matches. I’m sorry but no matter how hard I try I just can’t get enthusiastic about football. I never have liked it and I never will. I get told that as a patriot and someone who’s passionate about England I should get behind the “team” but I don’t think I should. 15 seriously overpaid idiots kicking a ball doesn’t rouse my sense of national pride, and I doubt they’re doing it for their love of the country, more for their love of small portraits of the Queen.

Friday is astronomy club, we’re off to Cranbrook tomorrow night, apparently they have a large ‘scope and are desperate to show it off. So I’ve taken tomorrow off work, in the morning I think I’m pup sitting if Trudes has to go to the vets, then I’m off into town to pay bills, oh joy! Then I shall drop into Hythe to have a quick cuppa at the shop before jumping on the bus to Ashford. I could go on a train but I like the bus journey, it takes about an hour and a half and uses a lot of back roads and goes through the countryside. You don’t get to enjoy that on a train. Once I get to Ashford I get a connection to Cranbrook. I say connection, I mean meet up with a couple of friends from AAS who’re also going.

Then Saturday I’m down the shop for the day and then home to settle down to Doctor Who and hopefully some form of take away, Yummo. I’m certain I’m supposed to be doing something on Sunday but I can’t remember. I expect it’ll come to me, hopefully before Sunday.

TTFN peeps, I hope you have a good, if somewhat damp, bank holiday weekend. Yes it’s a bank holiday and it’s going to rain for most of it.

PS. It’s Virgin HDTV I’m getting; now all I need is a HDTV 1080p with a minimum of 2 HDMI slots. It’ll work without a HDTV but I won’t benefit from having the HD channels until I get a compatible telly box.

Night all

Sunday, 25 April 2010

I want that one!

We have a new member of the household! On Friday we welcomed Molly to the Wolery, she’s a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier, bless her it shows. The first problem this poor little lady has is that her right eye is completely covered with a cataract; this means that she has no sight in that eye. Her left eye was injured at some point in her long life, so she’s blind in that one too. She’s also diabetic and has to have insulin shots every 12 hours. Finally, she has something called Cushing’s disease, and no. I don’t know what it is. What I do know is that she has to have a pill for it every morning at 7. So this means that she’s going to be hard work, but I’m sure we’ll manage. The biggest concern is DTWP, he’s so used to being the only pet in the house, he may take some time getting used to her being around. We do have an understanding that if DTWP hasn’t settled with her after a week or so then Molly will have to be returned to her previous foster care. It will be a shame as the poor old lass has been shunted from pillar to post recently. What with her being a bit tatty, there’s major hair loss on her hind quarters, and the eye’s are a bit off putting. But she has a strong character and something about her which does make her quite loveable. I’m certain that with a little time the two mutts will grow use to each other and there won’t be any issues, they just need to find a common ground. Doogs will, no doubt, assert himself as the alpha again and Molly, being an older dog, will let him think that’s how it is. Every so often she’ll remind him that he is a youngster and needs snapping down a bit.

Work has been absolutely bonkers this week, not so much the guys, more the actual work side of things. It has seemed that no sooner have I finished a task and achieved a goal, I get another one. So although I’ve got an awful lot done this last week, because there’s been so much to do I don’t feel as though I’ve done anything.

The shop has been good this last couple of weeks, regular readers can keep up to date, well sort of, by visiting the Hythe tyrant blog. We’ve had two sessions for older players and the dad’s of the lads that come. The first was a bit of a letdown, the second was a roaring success. I had six players turn up, not including me. I’ve set another session for the 16th of May, and I can’t wait. I have also solved the problem with my gaming table. Two pasting tables are in the offing, they’re £9.99 each as opposed to four A type legs which would set me back about £50. So now all I need to do is get to work on the blooming buildings.

That’s about it for now, more as and when something exciting happens.