Saturday, 4 September 2010

I don’t do little dogs!

Feeling a little out of sorts and not sure what to do today, Trudes was insistent that I kept to my usual Saturday routine. Although I wasn’t really feeling up to it, I also didn’t much fancy sitting in the house. Whilst I would have been happy to leave my wonderful fiancĂ© sleeping in, the house just doesn’t feel the same. There’s no clickety click as molly goes for a drink, Trudes and I are just sitting quietly doing our own thing, both very solemn. Despite the sadness I’m feeling, I know that our little lady is running through the fields, her sight restored, her Cushings and diabetes have gone, and she has a full and beautiful coat of soft, warm fur. She will be easy to spot as she will be the sweetest, prettiest Yorkshire terrier there. I’m not a religious man, I lost my faith many years ago, but I am spiritual. I am sure that when I am called I will cross that bridge and my dog will be waiting for me with a pink sparkly ball resting between her front paws. For me that may be many years, but for Molly it will be only a moment. She will be so busy chasing squibbles with her friends that she won’t even notice time passing.

Molly had such an effect on me that I felt compelled to do something to commemorate the time we had, so over my heart there is now a little turquoise paw print with a tiny little on the large pad. I chose this because she truly has left paw prints on my heart; Tea suggested the colour as Molly had a turquoise T-shirt with Daddy’s Girl on it. Tea says that she was a proper little daddy’s girl, and for the most part I would have to agree. For the last two weeks or so, she was coming up to bed with me. She made me laugh as she bounded up the stairs, occasionally miscounting and expecting one more than there was. She’d snuffle around the landing before going into my room, where she would wait for me to lift her on to the bed. After a minute or two of shuffling around to find a good spot, usually right in the middle of the bed so that I would have to move her over. We would then have a cuddle and a little play before settling down for the night.

Something else that I loved doing with Molly was taking her out. Tea would get her ready in one of her, many, little outfitmolly5s. My favourite is her little red dress with white spots.   Because she didn’t walk too well we carried her most of the time, but we let her have a bimble about now and then. Because we carried her it meant we got lots of cuddles and the odd whiff every now and then, oh my that girl could fart! It didn’t matter to me one bit what anyone thought when they saw me with her, I was so proud that she was with us and nothing can take away all those happy memories.

Almost everyone I know who met Molly Pops couldn’t resist her sweet endearing facCNV00021e, her fur had grown since she first came to us and she had the most adorable fringe that covered her eyes.   She had started to grow fur where she had lost it and she was covered with a very soft coat of fine fur, almost like a puppy. My favourite time with Molly was bath time, SDC10724 Tea and I felt that as she spent most of the day with Mo-Mo, I should have bath time. If I had my way I would have bathed her every night. She had special soap that helped with her itchy skin, which she had as a result of the Cushings and allergies. After getting her out I would take in to the bedroom and put her on some towels, so that the bed didn’t get wet, she would roll around on the bed whilst I blasted her with a hair dryer. She would smell so sweet as the soap was an aroma therapy type thing with all manner of oils amolly (2)nd stuff in it. Molly also had the most amazing smile, people tend to look at me like I’m a bit odd when I say that animals smile, but from the picture of Molly posted here, I think it’s fair to say that’s a huge grin.

So there you have a brief insight into the wonderful times Tea and I had with our little Molly. I write this not because I’m sad but because I want to share the wonderful sense of joy that she bought to us, the love we gave her was returned, plus more. Was she spoilt? Yes, but after all that little dog had been through she deserved every second of it. Was she loved? I don’t think the word truly describes how we felt about her. Was she happy? I don’t doubt it for a second. Would I have another dog? Yes, we both feel that it would be wrong for us not to give another dog a loving home where it would be safe and well cared for. Plus I think Molly would want us to, she knows how much we loved her, and she would want us to show that love to another little dog. CNV00019

The next dog we have is down to Tea, although I would like to meet it before a definite decision is made. Ideally I would like a Yorkie puppy, but again that is down to Tea. I know she would like an older dog; all I want is a dog that’s well behaved, house trained and affectionate. Not too much to ask is it?

I may not blog for a few days now; I will probably throw myself into painting miniatures and spending time with Tea so that we can start our healing together. Trudes has had a pink version of the paw print tattoo put on the inside of her left wrist. I shall probably blub a few more times over the next few days when I tell friends who are not online but have met or knew about Molly.

Hopefully my next entry will be brighter and back to my usual standard of rant filled rubbish.

Until then, stay well, and let your pets and your family know how much you love them, especially your pets because your time with them is short and every moment should be treasured.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Goodbye my sweet girl, you will be so sorely missed.

Of all the blog posts I’ve written over the last few months, this is probably the hardest. As you would have read on yesterday’s entry, Molly came home from hospital. Although she wasn’t herself, she appeared to be on the mend. Trudes and I were so happy to have her home, she snuggles up on the sofa beside her momma and had a sleep, she then bimbled over to her bed by the TV and dug out a pigs ear and spent about twenty minutes having a chew. I fed her at eleven, as per the vets’ instructions, and gave her a shot of insulin. With her fed, watered and jabbed I let her out for her night time pee and we set of to bed. I put her blanket on my bed, in case she was sick during the night, and spent about an hour lying with her gently stroking her and chatting to her. Eventually we fell asleep. I woke up with light the still on and our girl snoring away in a state of total comfort and bliss. I gave her a kiss and settled into bed properly. I awoke to Molly desperate for a pee and eager to get downstairs, so off we went. Knowing that wasn’t due to be fed I just sorted out her tablets and tried to give them to her, she wasn’t interested. This is when I realised that she was still poorly. Trudes had heard the sound of my panicking and came down to offer the voice of reason and suggested putting her pills in some cheese, that worked! I set off for work more than a little worried. My phone rang at about ten, it was Trudy saying that I should come home as Molly had been very sick and was not eating; she added that she had spoken to the vet and that he had said that if she was not keeping food down without the help of a drip it was not a good sign. In a way it was, Trudes and I both feel that Molly had manage to recover enough to be well enough to spend one last night with us at home, with that done, our sweet little Molly Popples let Trudy know that she was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. I spoke to my boss and explained what was happening and he told me to go. I phoned the friend that had taken us to collect her last night, I guess from the tone of my voice she knew why I was calling, and she simply said that she would meet us at Trudy’s. Shortly after I arrived home two of my very close friends, who also adore our girl, came to say goodbye. We drove to the vets in Hythe and shortly after we got there I had one last cuddle with our Molly and Trudes carried her in to spend the last few moments with her.

So I write this with a shattered and heavy heart in the front room of a very empty house. Trudes and I feel blessed to have had the few, all too short, months we had with Molly, but we rest easy knowing that she loved us as much, if not more, as we loved her. I don’t doubt that we will, given time, foster or adopt another little dog, but I will always have a Molly shaped hole at the centre of my heart. She was the first dog in my life that was mine, and that makes her extra special. Despite all her ailments she never once complained, not even at the end.

So goodbye my sweet little Molly Popples, I will love you forever and you have left paw prints on my heart.

When you have read to the end of this entry, please take a moment to speak a few words for our girl, and then, if you have a pet you hold dear, go and love them. Hold them and kiss them and tell them that they mean the world to you. For the love of a pet is unconditional, and they return the love you give without question.

To have loved and then said farewell is better than to have never loved at all.
For all of the times that you stooped and touched my head, fed me my favourite treat and
returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you. For the care that you gave to me
so unselfishly. For all of these things I am grateful and thankful. I ask that you grieve
not for the loss but rejoice in the fact that we lived, loved and touched each other's lives.
My life was fuller because you were there, not as owner, but as my friend. Today, I am
as I was in my youth. The grass is always green, butterflies flit among the flowers and
the sun shines gently down upon all of God's creatures. I can run, jump and play
and do all of the things that I did in my youth. There is no sickness, no aching joints
and no regrets and no aging. We await the arrival of our lifelong companions and know
that togetherness is forever. You live in our hearts as we do in yours. Companions such
as you are very rare and unique. Don't hold the love that you have within yourself.
Give it to another like me and then I will live forever. For love never really dies
and you are loved and missed as surely as we are.

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an
animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet
goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our
special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of
food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and
vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong
again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times
gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small
thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly
stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his
eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group,
flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been
spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling
together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses
rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and
you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your
life, but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

I think this last one sums up our last day with Molly.

Do you think the time is right?
May I say goodbye to pain filled days and endless tired nights?
I've lived my life and done my best, an example tried to be.
So can I take that step beyond, and set my spirit free?
I didn't want to go at first; I fought with all my might.
But something seems to draw me now to a warm and loving light.
I want to go, I really do; it's difficult to stay.
But I will try as best I can to live just one more day.
To give you time to care for me and share your love and fears.
I know you're sad and afraid, because I see your tears.
I'll not be far, I promise that, and hope you'll always know,
that my spirit will be close to you wherever you may go.
Thank you so for loving me. You know I love you too,
And that's why it's hard to say goodbye and end this life with you.
So hold me now just one more time and let me hear you say,
Because you care so much for me, you'll let me go today.

Is tired nights accurate? Maybe not, Molly would bound up the stairs to with either me or her mommas bed, and she would sleep soundly through the night, with the occaisional snore and a little yip now and then as she chased squibbles and bunnies in her sleep 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

Kindest regards


Welcome home Molly Popples

What a week it’s been! As many of you know, Molly Pops has been very poorly since we returned from the weekend camping. On Tuesday, the vet said that she wasn’t improving as well as they were hoping. Trudes was told that we should realistically prepare for the worst. This decision was pending a conversation with one of the directors of TLDR, fortunately the vet was told to do everything that was needed to give Molly every chance of a full recovery before considering the final option. On Wednesday Trudes and I went up to the hospital to see her, what a change! The listless little pup that we left there on Monday was nowhere to be seen. In its place was our little girl, she made all her noises and danced around her little kennel as though nothing had happened. Later that night Trudes phoned the vets, on a different matter which I’ll come to in a bit. The vet told her that our visit, albeit brief, had done Molly the power of good, and that she would most likely be coming home tomorrow. Such sweet news, so with help from a close friend, we set off to bring our princess home. We had a very good chat with the vet, he gave us some advice regarding her jabs, and he has also suggested that we take her for a glucose curve once a week. This will help to monitor her glucose levels so that we can ensure that she’s getting the right amount of insulin. Molly is home now, and as I write this she is curled up on the sofa next to her momma snoring away quite happily. This house is once again a home.

Yesterdays excellent news about Molly did come at a price; well we thought so at the time. After the hospital we returned home and on the way we had to drop off food for Obi Kat, as we were leaving the little tinker shot out into the main road. We set off in pursuit as the road at the front of the house can get quite busy and he only really goes out in the back yard. Well the inevitable happened and there was a very loud thud. Suddenly I felt something wash over me that I haven’t felt for a very long time, it was really only after the event that I realised that I had become angry, although absolutely fuming would be a better description. There was lots of swearing and ranting on my behalf, I think the poor lass who was driving must have been absolutely terrified. Firstly hitting a cat and then having me ranting at her in my best angry voice. Bless her though she did offer to help, but I just swore at her some more and suggested that she left the area. With the help of a couple of friends, search parties were sent out but to no avail. it was whilst we were search for Obi that Trudes phoned the vet, who told her that a cat will tend to hide away until it has calmed down, then once the nerves have settled and the adrenaline has worn off they usually come home if they are able to. With nothing more to do than wait for Obi Kat to return home of his own volition. We also had to get Trudes home so that she could rest, so plans were put into place for the event of his return.

This morning I received word that he had indeed returned home and appeared to be no worse for wear, he does have a splintered claw and grazed pad, but that may have happened when he bolted. Before we went to collect Molly, Trudes and I went to see Obi to discover that he is indeed absolutely fine; maybe his moggie pride has taken a bit of a bashing. So despite the worry of Molly and the moggie, it’s all sorted and both the fur balls that I love are fine, although I have to say that I don’t really view Obi as my cat any more. He came into my life at a time when I needed something to take my mind off the situation I was in with my life. Fortunately I know that Obi will be loved by his new friend as much, if not more than me. I will still visit him and take him food and treats, but it seems the right thing to do, as much as I would love to have him with me, there is too many complications. With Percy the (non) homing pigeon doing a good impression of kitty lunch, we’d be forever shooing him away from the feathered fella.

So with Molly home and almost back to full health, we have opened our eyes to the fact that her time with us is really limited. We don’t know if we will get just a few more short weeks or a few months, either way we will make every moment we have with her as precious as we possibly can. We will love her and ensure that her quality of life is the best we can provide. We also need to use the time we have with her to prepare ourselves for the day when Molly does cross the rainbow bridge. I know that no matter how much we prepare for that day, it will break my heart. However we will both know that when she crosses the bridge she will have Sam and Willow and Max, Trudes’ previous and much loved dogs, waiting for her to chase squibbles and snuffle rabbit raisins, I can just see the four of them sniggering at the stories each of them have about their lives with Trudes, and in Molly’s’ case the both of us. But for now, all that matters is that she is at home with us where she belongs.

So we come to the end of another solemn blog, well almost. I’m actually going to end with something a bit cheerful, well for me anyway. Sitting at the shop are seven boxes from Games Workshop, they are brand new copies of The Island of Blood. Three copies have been ear marked, I know that one is for me and one is more than likely for Smiffy. It will be so bloomin’ hard not to come home without it on Saturday. But, considering I’ve put this on my Chrimbo pressie list (113 days), if I were to bring it home I think I will be sleeping in, if not under, the shed.

Yay, a happy ending, well sort of, I Love my dog, I love my girly, I love my ex cat and I even love the (non) homing pigeon in the back garden. I’m off to catch up on all the Molly snuggles of missed out on over the last few days.

Nite all!


Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Whilst people can turn away and let you down, a dog will always be there for you and can always be trusted.

I had a fantastic weekend away with some great friends; I wish it had been longer and that I’d had the chance to catch up with the guys that had left by the time we arrived. I’m looking forward to the next time we get the chance to get together and relax with a few beers. I’m not expecting this week to pass by very quickly; I also don’t anticipate a very bright one. The reason for this is that Molly is not with us at the moment, here’s a brief account of the situation; we have a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier who has Cushing’s disease, diabetes and she's blind. She's only been with us for 4 months, but she's the first dog that has ever got to me in the way she has. Yesterday, being Monday 30th, she became very ill very quickly due to complications with the Cushing’s and the diabetes and she was rushed to the veterinary hospital in Ashford. Whilst they will do as much as they can for her there is a very real possibility that we may have to send her over the rainbow bridge. We thought we were going to lose her a few weeks ago but she pulled through. I'm hoping she will this time but I also know that the day will come when we will have to say goodbye as it won't be fair on her to keep her going. However, I know that when that day comes it will absolutely devastate me. I know she's just a dog at the end of the day, but no animal has ever made such an impact on me. We have to consider what’s right for Molly Pops, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Those who have met Molly will know what a sweet little pup she is, I know she 12 but all dogs are pups to me, even a few of my friends who ”don’t do small dogs” can’t resist a sly little ruffle of her fur when they think no one’s looking. She just has that effect on people. Spend twenty minutes with her and I defy anyone to not think she’s a sweetie. She has such a strong character, despite her blindness she bimbles around quite happily, alright so she bumps into things now and then. She looks so cute when she runs up the stairs to wake Trudes up in the morning when I take her coffee to her. She hardly ever complains when she has to have her twice daily jab. I also think she’s been good for Trudes whilst she’s been having her treatment. Here I was thinking that I’d be the strong and keep it together, it’s been the exact opposite. Trudes is being the strong one, holding back on the emotions whilst I’m falling to pieces. Again, anyone that truly knows me is fully aware that whilst I like to think I’m a strong fella and can take what life throws at me, in reality I’m just, as Trudes would say, a big soppy bear of a man, so what! I don’t care really, I’m more than happy to walk around town with my Molly in my arms, even when she’s wearing one of the many outfits that she has, whether it’s a pink leopard print jumpsuit or her little red dress with white spots. My little Popples is worth every moment I spend with her, and I think she knows how much I love her. She and Trudes mean the world to me.

Right I’m off for yet another blub and to send some healing vibes to little Molly Popples, if you have any spare, perhaps you could send a few her way too. Thanks for reading.

Blessed be!








My sweet Molly Popples.

Someone to comfort to dry up those tears,

Someone to be there, to quiet your fears,

A companion, a pal, a very best friend,

Someone to trust and to love till the end.

I love you sweet Molly Popples.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Rant, tents, tiddlers and poorly pups.

Rant #1 Friday night arrived, well evening, and after I had done my chores for obi I headed home via one of the local chip shops. At 19:05 I ordered cod & chips for two, at 19:10 one of the chaps behind the counter smiled at me and said sorry. Now if the chippy had been busy, I wouldn’t have minded so much. However, I was the only customer! When the chap apologised, probably for the lack of activity, I expressed my displeasure at the amount of time it had taken them to not batter the fish and drop it in the oil. I then left the shop, saying I would get the order at their nearest rivals.

Rant #2 this is aimed at the callous twonk who couldn’t wait five seconds for an animal to get out of the road, so he/she ran it over. The animal in question was a young gull, yes I know that there’s millions of the little blighters and that they can be a pest, but this little bird was the young of a gull that has become somewhat of a local mascot near the shop where I help out on Saturday. The adult gull has been named Oscar by the locals. They feed him and he is quite the cheeky little chap. He once tried to nick some cork from the shop. For the last few weeks he has paraded his chick up and down the area and seemed to be quite a doting parent. Unfortunately there’re no parental controls on this blog and there’s a chance that folk who take offence to harsh language. So I’ll do my best not to swear. So far as I’m concerned the owner of the car is a heartless moron, there were small children who witnessed your blatant act of animal cruelty. Just because you have a car, you don’t have the right to drive as you please. A little patience wouldn’t be too bad, but no, you felt the need to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Would it have made that much difference if you’d waited for the gull to get out of your way? Had there been a cat or a dog in the road, would have ploughed into that without a single thought for the animals owner. You inhuman troll; I hope that Oscar and his entire gull mates crap on your car, and your head, everyday for the next month.

On a brighter note we had a fantastic weekend. It started off well, I set off for the shop on Saturday morning, and I was twenty minutes behind schedule. Fortunately the advance team were en route to prepare for the oncoming tide of noisy sprogs, and the bus was late, this added ten minutes to the delay. Somehow the bus journey ran to time, and I made five minutes up. The shops incoming customers were a little sporadic, takings would have been a bit better had the National Express agents’ web site had been up and running. The afternoon gaming session was a bit quiet as most of the lads were out making the most of the last weekend of the summer holidays. Trudes arrived with the lovely Miss Molly and I shot off to Waitrose to stock up on provisions for the evening in tentville. The transport shuttle from star base Smarden arrived and we set off for our weekend break.

On arrival we loaded the tractor trailer with more stuff than we probably needed and I drove the machine to field we were camping in. Little Miss Molly decided that she was going to check out all the new smells and noises, so she and her momma walked all the way, although Tea prefers the term bimble. We unloaded and I took an opportunity to head up to the pond for a short stint of fishing, I like fishing! I can’t think of anyone I’d rather fish with, Manky and Jason from astronomy club were already tiddler bashing, so without delay I picked up a rod and started drowning bait. It was too long before I caught my first over sized minnow, the cheeky little piscine had more or less swallowed not only the bait, but the whole blooming hook. This needed forceps to remove; once the hook was out I released the little beggar and promptly dropped the forceps in the drink. This was the first disaster. After a bit more fishing we returned to camp for dinner. Dinner wasn’t quite ready so I went to finish off putting our tent up. This led to the second disaster; I’d forgotten the inflatable mattresses! Oh dear lord what was I to do? The first part of the plan that popped into my head was to ask around the others to see if anyone had at least one spare mattress, if they had then at least Trudes would be comfy. Sadly no one had a spare, so stage two was to either set off back to Folkestone and grab our mattresses or go to B & Q in Ashford and buy at least one for Trudes, then at the last moment, one of the chaps, namely Jose offered his mattress for the night. Trudes would have that and I’d make do with the floor. Once that issue had been fixed, I had to sort out one or two other issues, but I won’t go into detail here. By the time the tent was sorted, dinner was too. It was braised pork and new potatoes, yummo! A bottle of Doom Bar helped to wash it down, oh my it was good. Once I’d had my nosh it was time for Molly Pops to have hers, the usual mixture of finely chopped hot dog sausage sprinkled with bionic Biotic, its amazing stuff, Molly has a fine downy coat where she was a baldy girl when she first came into our lives. Once the divine miss M had scoffed, I headed off to get her jab. When I returned Batty mentioned that he had a couple of trout that he was going to cook, he asked if anyone would like some, Trudes has since discovered that she now likes trout, Good oh!

With dinner for everyone done some of the gang started building a camp fire, once it was ready to light, down came the rain. However, seeing as how we’re all completely bonkers, we lit it anyway. Fortunately it was too long before the play stopped rain and we were all sat around a roaring campfire swapping jokes and laughing ourselves sick. Early on I had fixed up some bananas with chocolate buttons in them, they were placed on the hot embers to melt the chocolate, to be honest the one I had needed more chocolate and a little longer in the fire, but never mind, I know for next time. There were also toasted marsh melons, one of my faves. The evening drew on and we had a chance to see the ISS as it went over plus a few other satellites. The beer flowed well and then the port was opened. This is the best part of any camp fire, a group of good friends, a warm fire and a bottle of port or four definitely warms the cockles. To top the evening off nicely we were regaled with the tale of a rather impertinent bunny by the name of Foo Foo, booze, bonfires and bunnies. Could the night get any better? Well considering I was with a group of some of my closest friend, and my two best girls, Trudes and Molly Popples were there, no, I don’t think it could. Eventually the fire died and we retired to our beds.

Sunday morning I was gently woken up by the missus taking photos of, what she described as, a giant caterpillar, the cheeky madam! Realising she meant me I let her take some more pics. Then I spotted my pup outside my section of the tent, I called to her and she came bounding in for big loves and cuddles. I grabbed another half and hours doze and then I slipped Molly in with Tea and headed off for a quick fish, this actually turned out to be a quick sit and watch Dave catching fish every ten seconds whilst my bait got ignored. After an hour I headed back to the camp to fix Molly breakfast and collect her morning jab. Once my pup was sorted, I went back to the pond for a bit more humiliation, sorry, fishing. This took up an hour or two, just as Dave left he mentioned that there were some large fish near the part of the pond he was walking past so I thought I’d have give it a go. My idea paid off and I caught the biggest fish I’d seen since we arrived, I was chuffed. Then off for some nosh and to see how my girls were. It turned out that Tea wasn’t aware that Molly Pops had been with her for the morning because the little angel didn’t to disturb her momma so she kept really quiet so that mom could sleep, ain’t she a sweetie?

Breakfast was followed by more fishing which was over all too soon as the weather turned nasty and the rain and the wind returned. Chris had arrived whilst I was up at the pond, and I spoke to him about the possibility of running us home, he was more than happy to do this. So at 17:30 we set back to Folkestone. The main reason we had to return was due to the fact that a friend from Northshire was visiting, although we did toy with telling him that he’d be on his own, but return we did.

It transpired that it was a god thing after all as Molly stated being sick just after midnight and carried on throughout the night. By Monday morning she was not at all in a good way, as I write this it is 19:30 on the 31st of August and our precious little pup is in the pet hospital in Ashford being looked after by the wonderful vets and nurses of the Barrow Hill surgery hospital. All we can do now is wait and hope for the best, fortunately our Molly’s a fighter, but I’m sure a healing thought would help so please any you may have spare for our little girl. I’ve spent most of today worried sick and blubbing like a blubby thing.

My friend Karen took us up to the hospital, as a thank you we treated her to lunch and then met up with Teas young man to take him to see a film, this had been arranged before we went camping, and as we weren’t expecting Molly’s health to take a turn for the worse, we couldn’t let him down, and since I was a complete wreck, Trudes suggested that I stay with them and see the film. We saw the Last Airbender, whilst it’s a good film, one of the funniest lines has got to be “I’ve always known you were a bender!” closely followed by “you’re a bender?” Well I sniggered and I think Trudes did too. She missed the last few minutes as she missed a call from the vets and had to call them back.

Molly is suffering from something called Diabetic ketoacidosis, hopefully we’ve caught it early enough and she will be home with us soon.

So an eventful weekend that could have ended a little better but these things happen and I’m looking forward to have Molly cuddles very soon. I’ll keep those who want to know how Molly Pops is doing either here or through Facebook.