Saturday, 4 September 2010

I don’t do little dogs!

Feeling a little out of sorts and not sure what to do today, Trudes was insistent that I kept to my usual Saturday routine. Although I wasn’t really feeling up to it, I also didn’t much fancy sitting in the house. Whilst I would have been happy to leave my wonderful fiancé sleeping in, the house just doesn’t feel the same. There’s no clickety click as molly goes for a drink, Trudes and I are just sitting quietly doing our own thing, both very solemn. Despite the sadness I’m feeling, I know that our little lady is running through the fields, her sight restored, her Cushings and diabetes have gone, and she has a full and beautiful coat of soft, warm fur. She will be easy to spot as she will be the sweetest, prettiest Yorkshire terrier there. I’m not a religious man, I lost my faith many years ago, but I am spiritual. I am sure that when I am called I will cross that bridge and my dog will be waiting for me with a pink sparkly ball resting between her front paws. For me that may be many years, but for Molly it will be only a moment. She will be so busy chasing squibbles with her friends that she won’t even notice time passing.

Molly had such an effect on me that I felt compelled to do something to commemorate the time we had, so over my heart there is now a little turquoise paw print with a tiny little on the large pad. I chose this because she truly has left paw prints on my heart; Tea suggested the colour as Molly had a turquoise T-shirt with Daddy’s Girl on it. Tea says that she was a proper little daddy’s girl, and for the most part I would have to agree. For the last two weeks or so, she was coming up to bed with me. She made me laugh as she bounded up the stairs, occasionally miscounting and expecting one more than there was. She’d snuffle around the landing before going into my room, where she would wait for me to lift her on to the bed. After a minute or two of shuffling around to find a good spot, usually right in the middle of the bed so that I would have to move her over. We would then have a cuddle and a little play before settling down for the night.

Something else that I loved doing with Molly was taking her out. Tea would get her ready in one of her, many, little outfitmolly5s. My favourite is her little red dress with white spots.   Because she didn’t walk too well we carried her most of the time, but we let her have a bimble about now and then. Because we carried her it meant we got lots of cuddles and the odd whiff every now and then, oh my that girl could fart! It didn’t matter to me one bit what anyone thought when they saw me with her, I was so proud that she was with us and nothing can take away all those happy memories.

Almost everyone I know who met Molly Pops couldn’t resist her sweet endearing facCNV00021e, her fur had grown since she first came to us and she had the most adorable fringe that covered her eyes.   She had started to grow fur where she had lost it and she was covered with a very soft coat of fine fur, almost like a puppy. My favourite time with Molly was bath time, SDC10724 Tea and I felt that as she spent most of the day with Mo-Mo, I should have bath time. If I had my way I would have bathed her every night. She had special soap that helped with her itchy skin, which she had as a result of the Cushings and allergies. After getting her out I would take in to the bedroom and put her on some towels, so that the bed didn’t get wet, she would roll around on the bed whilst I blasted her with a hair dryer. She would smell so sweet as the soap was an aroma therapy type thing with all manner of oils amolly (2)nd stuff in it. Molly also had the most amazing smile, people tend to look at me like I’m a bit odd when I say that animals smile, but from the picture of Molly posted here, I think it’s fair to say that’s a huge grin.

So there you have a brief insight into the wonderful times Tea and I had with our little Molly. I write this not because I’m sad but because I want to share the wonderful sense of joy that she bought to us, the love we gave her was returned, plus more. Was she spoilt? Yes, but after all that little dog had been through she deserved every second of it. Was she loved? I don’t think the word truly describes how we felt about her. Was she happy? I don’t doubt it for a second. Would I have another dog? Yes, we both feel that it would be wrong for us not to give another dog a loving home where it would be safe and well cared for. Plus I think Molly would want us to, she knows how much we loved her, and she would want us to show that love to another little dog. CNV00019

The next dog we have is down to Tea, although I would like to meet it before a definite decision is made. Ideally I would like a Yorkie puppy, but again that is down to Tea. I know she would like an older dog; all I want is a dog that’s well behaved, house trained and affectionate. Not too much to ask is it?

I may not blog for a few days now; I will probably throw myself into painting miniatures and spending time with Tea so that we can start our healing together. Trudes has had a pink version of the paw print tattoo put on the inside of her left wrist. I shall probably blub a few more times over the next few days when I tell friends who are not online but have met or knew about Molly.

Hopefully my next entry will be brighter and back to my usual standard of rant filled rubbish.

Until then, stay well, and let your pets and your family know how much you love them, especially your pets because your time with them is short and every moment should be treasured.