Tuesday, 2 February 2010

You're a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain.

I stayed home on Friday night. Tea had been to see her consultant during the day and as a result she wanted a bit of time to herself to get her head round her results. Needless to say they were not what she was hoping for. Since most of my readers have, by now, either met her or they are aware of what the poor bugger has been through, I feel I have no need to with hold any information regarding her results. The one “lump” has shown an increase in size, this means that Tea has a couple of options. One is a treatment of chemotherapy the other is surgery followed by radiotherapy, Tea has gone for the former. She rang me when she returned home and told me the results and what would be happening next. Whilst I’m worried about her, naturally, she has said that it’s not as bad as it sounds, Hmmmmm! The problem is that herself is extremely strong willed and she has an independent streak a mile wide. This makes helping and supporting her over the next few months very difficult. She will, doubtless refuse almost any help I offer and she will certainly not permit me to accompany her when she goes to the hospital. Cancer is probably one of the most unpleasant conditions anyone could have. I watched, helplessly, as the strongest woman I have ever known slip away to a frail and fragile old lady, and when she finally went she was unrecognisable as the mother I’d grown up with. So I have firsthand experience of how destructive it can be, not just to the person, but to those who hold them dear. So I have to be strong for the girl I have every intention of marrying at some point in the next eleven months. It goes without saying that my emotional state at the moment is not good. This was reflected today at work, my fuse was more than a little short. It hasn’t been like that for a while now, so due to the fact that I was a bit snappy toward one of my bosses today I expect to be dragged into the office by the other one. I will be honest and tell my boss exactly what’s happened, hopefully they will understand. So with my emotions on a knife edge anyone who wants to take a pop at my missus had better be prepared to take both barrels. This is not a stubbed toe or a hammered finger that can be laughed at, this is a serious thing that can, and will affect everyone around her. Including a young lad who’s the same I was when my mother told me and my sisters what will happen to her. Am I worried that the same will happen to Trudes? Of course! In a selfish way I’m worried for myself, but she will never see the worry on my face. I hope that the only thing she ever sees is love and care, but if I need to blub she will not see that. I’ll happily let her see me blub because my cats poorly or I’ve had a crap time, but not when she needs me to be strong for her.

Anyway moving on, Saturday was quite eventful, I arose later than usual for a Saturday, after a bus ride to Hythe I arrive at the shop for the gaming group. We had a few new faces which is always nice; if I’m honest I was a little distracted and was a little off with my duties. This distraction was not helped by the arrival of young Mickey, who appeared with a new toy in hand. A NERF N-Series Recon. image So I did what I did best and showed my disapproval of such things by buying one. These things are blooming good fun. It’s a gun that fires soft darts so it’s perfect for shooting in the shop. Initially Sue was unimpressed by such immature behaviour, that was until people started buying up the remaining stock. She had 5 recons in stock, not including the one I’d grabbed, by the end of the day they’d all gone and Sue is having to reorder to meet demand. So in one fell swoop Mike and me had gone from being royal pains in the butt to in store demonstrators.

I left the shop earlier than usual as Tea was picking me up en route to her folks. We were off to Mankys for a belated Christmas celebration. Many of my old friends were there plus one or two people I hadn’t met before. It wasn’t long before I realised how much fun the guys I was with are. We have about fifteen years of history behind us and I hope that there are more good times to be had. We reminisced about the days gone by, such as having a Klingon, a Vulcan and a (poxy) Bajoran stuck in London. Dave ruining my chances of pulling a very fit, yet very dim, blonde lass on the underground, to name but two. Ok so I may not have stood a chance of pulling, I was very Klingon, but it’s my story so that’s exactly how it happened. I miss the odd trip up to London for a trekkie night out. By 23:30, maybe later, Trudes had seriously flagged so I asked a mate if there was a chance of a lift back home. He readily agreed and we were, sadly, heading down the motorway for home. I say sadly cos it was such a fantastic evening, and no reflection on Teas state of health.

Sunday was the usual quiet affair, I went into town to grab a bit of shopping then head home to attend to my lord Moggy Bogs. He was his usual bouncy self and very pleased to see me. He is such a welcoming little chap. Whilst I was on my way home Trudes phoned. During the call she told me that her chemo had in fact started on Friday. The naughty sausage! I pottered about at home for a bit then headed up to Trudes for the rest of the evening.

Monday morning had me wake up earlier than usual, there was a cup of coffee beside me and a vision of loveliness holding a wrapped up box. The contents of the box were some individually wrapped gifts for my birthday. When the coffee had been drunk and the pressies had been deprived of their wrappings I headed off for work. After a fairly naff day I went to the health centre to see a podiatrist. Apparently my feet are in very good condition all things considered, I have good circulation. Finally some good news. Huzzah!

Well that’s about it for now, I shall leave you with this little snippet:

A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

I do love you , you are a wonderful, loving, amazing, stupendous bear of a man x x x x x x x x x

Sue Banks said...

I send all my good vibes to your lady and yourself.
You so deserve the happiness you have found in each other.
Please forgive me for the "anorak" thingy....was only fun.
I am sorry I missed Norman Stanley's party. I am looking forward to seeing him in more pleasant surroundings than I saw him in last time.

kalon said...

Sue the anorak thing was brilliant. Thank you for the vibes, let's hope they get to the right place and don't get lost on the way. :o)