Thursday, 6 May 2010

I wish I could regenerate!

I’ve spent the last week or so worrying about something, I just wish I knew what it is I’m worrying about. Those in the know are aware of the fact that I have problems with paranoia, but I’m not sure if that’s the problem! I can’t put my finger on it; something is really stirring up a bad feeling about something. To be honest I fell like having a really good rant with lots of colourful metaphors included. Not that it’ll solve the problem, in fact I suspect it may have quite opposite result.

The misses is suffering at the mo, she’s aching from her toes up. She has a chemo session tomorrow so that will knock her for six for a few days and by the time she starts to pick up, she off for more. Including tomorrows treatment she has four to go, then we can start focussing on getting back to the wedding plans. They’ve been put on hold since the treatment started so it’ll be nice to be able to get back on track with that. It may even help with the lack of happy that’s sitting on my shoulders.

Things are going well with little miss Molly, she all better after a weekend of lack of appetite, the runs and a rather noxious wind problem, it’s good to see her picking up again. She’s a cheerful little lass who is starting to wag her tail at me and has just taken to jumping on the sofa and sitting beside me for a few minutes, Much to Doogie’s dislike. As if that hasn’t miffed him a bit, the little madam managed to clamber up the stairs to the bedroom this morning. She may be blind but she’s not stupid. I think she’s going to assert herself a bit quicker than we first thought. I have noticed a little change in Doogie, he seems a little quieter than usual and he doesn’t seem to get so shouty when I say goodnight to Trudes.

The weekend’s nearly here and I’m quite looking forward to it, if I can manage to get up early enough on Sunday morning I can give Trudes a bit of a lay in, I am happy to give Molly her insulin jab so she won’t need to get up for that. She’s on half dosages at the moment as it’s possible, apparently that the symptoms of Cushing’s disease can appear similar to diabetes, so there may be a chance that she can come of the insulin all together or at least be on lower amounts, this is a good thing because if they can get her meds just right, she may grow some of her fur back. This will mean that she’ll become a fluffy pup again, I think Trudes is a bit worried that if she takes Molly out and people she the condition she’s in, they may think that it’s a result of the way she’s been treated, and that’s not fair on Trudes as she’s not responsible for the way Molly looks or her ill health. In fact if Molly had been Trudy’s dog from the start or at least with someone who provided the proper care she needed, Molly nay not have ended up in such a poor state. But then I am being a bit bias as I don’t really know a great deal about her before we fostered her. What I do know is that she hasn’t been treated at all well over the last few years, so it’s down to Tea, Doogie and me to ensure that the our little old lady’s treated right for the time she has left.

So dear reader, at some point I’ll be adding a link to an e-bay page that has been set up to take donations for Molly, so far as I know a very high proportion of raised funds will go towards Molly health care and other needs. If ever you find yourself with a quid or two that you don’t what to do with it, spare a thought for a rather gorgeous 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier who will appreciate every single penny that’s raised for her. I case you have any doubts; I’ve added a couple of pics of her, so that you’ll feel guilty if you don’t donate.










Molly 2

Molly again.



This is probably my favourite picture of Molly, what a cute grin.

If that doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will.


Nite all



Unknown said...

I love that molly pic. Such a luvverly grin