Friday, 18 June 2010

I must be totally radio!

Friday has arrived and I’ve never looked forward to the end of the week more, the last two weeks have been dire! Work has been awful, there’s been a definite Arctic feel to the atmosphere from the PTB’s, I’m sure things will improve but I would love to be able to point out their flaws, as there are times when they give the impression that they have none and are the perfect employers.

I’m off to the shop tomorrow; I’m going to try to take the lads through some simple objective missions, which should be fun.

I’m making progress on the talk on Jupiter for astronomy club on Friday, I just need to sort out timings and tidy the text up a little. Oh yeah, and two or three test runs, to make sure I don’t make a complete plum of myself on the night. Something else I’m really looking forward to is the walk to Dover on the fourth of July. One of the guys that is joining us has said he’s looking forward to the history snippets I’m preparing for the day. I think I’m just going to bore everyone to tears and they’ll be eager to keep going. Of course knowing how I view things, I’ll be completely wrong and they’ll really enjoy it. I hope as many people as possible turn up, including friends old and new. I think Smiffy’s going to come along which will be good. The one thing that’s worrying me about the day is that I’m nowhere near as fit as I used to be and it’s been a while since I’ve done a long walk, well I say a while, I did walk from Perranporth to St Agnes two years ago. It wasn’t bad aside from the blooming great hill we had to scale on the way back, but given the views of the Cornish coast and the fact that Cornwall is such a fantastic county, it was more than worth it. Fortunately the route we’re taking isn’t that hilly, only one major up and even that’s not too bad. The up on the walk will also be worth it as we’ll be heading to my favourite area in the whole of the south east. With regard to friends coming along, I may chat to uncle Manky about asking people at Astro club if any of them want to join.

Well I’m off to get some sleep so that I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed for the sprogs tomorrow.



Molly said...

Oy Dad he is my Uncle Badger not your Uncle Manky so I am woofing

Oy Daddy NO !!!!