Monday, 28 June 2010

My tech isn’t techie enough!

Here’s something novel, I’m going to have a rant! Back in October, my orange contract was coming up for renewal. This meant that I could get a shiny new phone. Woo-hoo, so I phoned Orange and said “oi, my contracts up, I want to stay with orange, but I want a shiny new phone!” the blokey on the other end said “fair enough and did some tappity tapping on his computer. After a while he said asked what contract I would like. Initially I asked about the I-phone, it was due to be available with orange so I asked if it was worth hanging on until it was out. Oh no, he said, the I-phone won’t be out on any tariffs under £75. Stuff that thought I and said I’d get back to him. I wanted something flashy and comparable to the afore mentioned I-phone. I’ve had an I-pod touch for a while now and I like the idea of the apps that are available, particularly astronomy apps. I hit the orange web site and had a look through the phones that were available on the price plan I wanted. There was the Samsung i8910HD, 8 gig internal memory, touch screen, 8 megapixel camera plus GPS and loads of other interesting features. That’ll do, back on the phone and after a few minutes my shiny new phone was winging its way to me spit-spot. Huzzah. When it arrived I opened the box and drooled over the shiny blackness, then I went and bought an 8gig memory card for it. This is brilliant I thought, stuff the I-phone this is much better. Well here we are seven months on, and I have to admit that more than a bit miffed and more than slightly disappointed, not with the phone, that still black and shiny and fun to play with. The source of my disappointment is two pronged to be honest. Firstly, the plank at orange was entirely honest with me, the I-phone came out two weeks later available for free on the price plan I’d gone over to. The second is the support for the phone itself. Firstly Samsung release this all singing all dancing “I-phone buster” and then drop all support for it almost immediately. When I got the phone Samsung claimed it as their flagship phone, however, none of the Samsung apps are compatible with it, and as for orange, the apps available there are worse than useless. Unless your main interest in life is football and astrology forget it! And to be honest I’m not I’m not keen on paying £5 for something that’s going to tell me I’m going to meet a tall dark stranger every other day or for something that’s going give information that I could get for free on the interweb. So no apps worth shouting about and all the support of a bridge constructed from rice paper, I have a phone that will never unlock its full potential, and my next upgrade is about 18 months away, will I stick with orange? It depends on what they’re prepared to offer me to stay. Will I get another Samsung? Probably not. Since getting the phone I’ve looked into Samsung as a phone manufacturer, whilst they make some extremely good phones, there’s little or no support for them. Basically you get what’s in the box and hope that there’s enough to keep you entertained. Judging on the way mobile tech is advancing it wouldn’t surprise me if the HTC is the way to go. Still, time will tell. Well there ya go; I’m an unhappy technophile whose tech just isn’t what he hoped for. Why is hind sight always 20/20?


Manky Badger said...

When I wanted a new phone, I wanted a new laptop freebie with it. "Oh we don't do that" they all said. Until I got the new phone. The very next day everyone then did a freebie laptop with the new phones.