Thursday, 30 September 2010

A haunting we will go!

Hello there, you’re back, it’s been a while, how have you been? I’ve been quite busy since my last post, work has been fun, I’ve been in the workshop this past week and a bit, the interesting thing is that once I got back to my main role at work I realised that it’s the flipping computers that are getting me down. Six years ago they were slightly above average Dells, now they’re slow cumbersome monsters that actually manage to ruin my day. Combine them with what could be the worst internet connection in the world and the computers are just about beyond useless. Still, the chances of getting upgrades are extremely unlikely so I guess I’ll make do and keep my gob shut. Nuff sed!

Way back at the beginning of the month I was asked if I would give a talk about the south east coastal defence batteries, I spent a bit of time putting something together and reading through my notes (not that you’d think it) and on the evening of 29th I gave my talk, whilst I was a bag of nerves I had some positive feedback and it seemed to go very well. I’ve discovered that I’m a bit odd when it comes to giving talks, I’ve given three for the astronomy club and now one for the archaeology club, it seems no matter how much I prepare I lose it a bit at the time. Oh well I’m sure I’ll get better as time passes.

Getting back to the subject of work, one of the guys has been watching videos of alleged poltergeist activity; he’s been asking me if what is in the video is real. How on earth do you answer a question like that? I decided to go down the logical route and give him my honest opinion, not always a good thing in my experience, I explained that whilst I would not rule out the possibility of genuine supernatural activity, I am fairly convinced that most if all of the videos that are available to view on you tube are either blatant fakes or simply a case of misdirection. After this chat I could see cogs whirring and he eventually asked me how such videos could be faked. Well rather than go into elaborate details I thought I I’d show him. So yesterday I went to work armed with my video camera and a rough idea as to what we would do. Fortunately my workplace has a very well equipped woodwork shop and a couple of my workmates go fishing so there was plenty of props and the guys soon entered into the spirit of the thing. Initially the lads were a bit bemused about what we were doing, but once they saw the results of our early efforts they were both amused and impressed. We had a couple of takes, ooh technical terms, out of the six separate sequences I selected one good one and one slightly daft one, although I find the whole concept of these sort of videos more than a bit daft. After a bit of tweaking the video was ready to be posted on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the videos that get put on the web claiming to show ghostly goings on, but I wonder if they are doing more harm than good to any chance of genuine discoveries in the area of paranormal studies. Either way the video is available for all to view, and can be found by going to YouTube and searching for kalon1701. Go take a look; it’s worth a giggle, if nothing else.

If you do choose to view it, please don’t have nightmares, after all it’s just for fun.

Bye y’all.