Friday, 22 October 2010

Ooh look, a great big threatening button!

My my what a week it’s been, I’ve been back at work after a week off, I returned to work in anticipation of all manner of things having gone wrong and i was pleasantly surprised. no major catastrophes and no changes to the way things are done, and, most pleasing of all, no sharp pointy implements between my shoulder blades. I’m having another week off soon, I really hope to have the same situation when i go back.

During my week off I paid a visit to the shop, it actually turned into two visits, I went in to resurface the main gaming table and to improve the second table. it all went rather well and I’m pleased with the end result, although I think the second table could do with a bit more work, i have plans but i have to do a bit more thinking on it before i go ahead with things. the lads were also happy to see the tables looking a bit more scenic. we’ve set a new ruling where the tables are concerned, the buildings and terrain sections are not to be moved with out the express permission of either myself or Sue. Over the last couple of years, Sue and I have invested a great amount of time, and in Sue’s case cash, on getting the 40k days established and the main issue we both have is the lack of respect the lads show the pieces of terrain and buildings that have been provided, so not only was i resurfacing the tables, i was repairing damaged buildings, still it was fun so I suppose it’s not all bad.

I have fixed my telescope this week, huzzah! I had the help of Jim at work, he knows how to weld, so with a bit of his know how and my talent for scavenging bits I have a new slow motion fixture for my dear old Tasco, it just needs a touch of paint and it’ll be done. I’m so pleased it’s done, as I have a great feeling of joy in my scope. it’s not the greatest bit of kit, but it does a superb job for what it cost, and I get some really good views of the moon and planets such as mars, Jupiter and Saturn. however, the plan is to add a new scope in the new year. i have my eye on one that has a motor driven mount and is a tad more powerful than my old Tasco, plus I can get a camera mount for it so I may even be able to get herself interested in astrophotography as it combines one of her hobbies with one of mine, and I’m sure that members of the Astro club can give some hints with regard to kit.

I learned something on Wednesday that has made me very proud of myself, as many of my friends know I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year, as a result I’ve had to monitor what I eat a bit more sensibly. I must admit it’s not been easy but I not doing too bad, I have the odd occasion when I crave sugary stuff and need a fix, but then I manage to get over it, well most of the time. anyway, getting to the point, I was weighed on Wednesday, since February I’ve lost just over 2.5 stones. I’ve still got a way to go, but if the trend continues I could lose another half to three quarters of a stone by Christmas. Somewhere between would be great, it would be nice to end the year having lost around three stones. I(t’s surprising how good I feel, I’m not getting out of breath so easily and I seem to be able to move a bit easier. once I’ve got the blood pressure under control, I will be able to increase my exercise routine and that will help even more. So here’s to the new year, with the best of intentions, I could be fifteen stone by the end of 2011.

We also have a big secret, something is happening to this house on Sunday, I can’t say much more on pain of my already limited sweet treat supplies being totally withdrawn, suffice it to say that the house will once again be complete and I shall be a very happy chappy, well that’s the plan anyways. Well dear reader, that’s about it for now. I shall reveal all on Sunday, although I’m sure that you can probably guess what’s happening, but if you can’t then I shall leave you shivering with antici…





Ta ta.


Anonymous said...

I know the secret, I know know the secret Na Na Na Na NA !

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

SO do I so double NA NA NA NA NA !