Sunday, 6 February 2011


We originally planned to have some friends up to play a game that I got for Christmas, Unfortunately this didn’t happen. It turned out that Trudes had planned to see Ben earlier in the week and they had arranged to go to the cinema. She doesn’t get to spend a great deal of time with her young man so anytime she does get is very precious. Knowing that the friends concerned would totally understand the situation we cancelled and I stayed home with the pups. Boy would Trudes be in for the cold shoulder when she got home, Richie was extremely put out with the fact that she went out. Normally when she goes out I have both dogs on the sofa with me and they sit quietly content knowing that they are safe and snuggled. today however was a bit different. Several months ago one of the guys from the shop bought a rather large model for the Lord of the Rings table top game, the model concerned is a War Mumak, it’s basically a big elephant with six tusks and a bad attitude. I was asked to paint as the lad isn’t very confident in his painting skills. so, like a fool, I agreed. that was over a year ago. well since I had the house to myself, and given the fact that yesterday I gave the chap my word that the model would be painted and delivered to him on Sunday, I made a start on painting the thing. I started at around 13:00 and finished at about 18:00. I must admit that i am rather pleased with the results so far, and my deadline of having the model finished by Friday night is looking rather realistic.
The model is based on a beastie that features in the books and, obviously, the films, and it is the standard elephant colour, grey! now I’ve never painted something that uses a real animal as the template, I’ve painted a couple of dragons and some weird alien creatures, both of these allow you a free run with your palette. so an elephant was a bit of a challenge, i spent a few hours looking at pictures to get an idea of skin tone and shading, and to get get an idea on the best way to paint the tusks, granted it’s not an accurate representation but it’s close enough for jazz, as you can see by the pictures here. SDC10051
They don’t really do it justice, the flash from the camera washes out the shading and the background could be better as Trudes pointed out. but the important thing will be Sunday when I present it to the owner and see how he reacts to the end result, I expect I shall be a bit worried that he will hate it, but knowing him as I do that’s rather unlikely. All I have left to say about this particular model is, although I’ve enjoyed painting the model, I’m never going to do another one.