Friday, 4 March 2011

Since my last post

Hello, you’re back! sorry it’s been a while since my last post but I have been very busy. Miniatures have been painted, over the last week or so I’ve almost completed a Tau battle force, which amounts to a grand total of 35 models, one of which is a troop transport, out of the 35 I have 12 left, so quite an achievement. I still have about 51 models to build and paint but I can get about half done in around 10 days so I should have all the models finished by the middle of April, if all goes well.

On Friday 25th February I went along to the astronomy club. I enjoyed the evening and the talk was very different to the usual style, there were moments when I expected the speaker to reveal himself to be Brian Blessed. The subject matter was Pluto, the content did seem to meander quite a bit and it wasn’t until the last fifteen or twenty minutes that the title subject entered into the talk. despite the presentation, which I enjoyed although it was somewhat theatrical, the only points that were actually raised about Pluto were that it is very cold, very small, a very long way out and no longer classed as a planet. The final part of the talk on Pluto was a show of hands as to whether or not it should be reinstated as a planet. i am in favour of it being a planet, I grew up knowing that were/are nine planets in our solar system and I liked it that way, but the powers that be have decided otherwise, shame really.

On a similar note, there are plans afoot for the Manky one to bring his swanky new telescope down so that three of us can go over to a reasonably dark area of the town for a spot of astronomy. We’re just waiting for a good clear night, so I’m keeping an eye on the forecast so that I can give a bit of an advanced warning so we can all get together. I think it will be best to use the last bit of daylight to set up and then have a couple of hours astronomy, a flask of tea would also be a good idea as it’s still a bit chilly at night.

Open-mouthed smileI also discovered that you cant download ring tunes for your microwave oven Open-mouthed smile.

It’s Friday again and the weekend has arrived, I’m not at the shop this weekend, herself has been having radiotherapy this week and is feeling a bit worse for it, we were hoping that radiotherapy wouldn’t be as bad as chemotherapy, looks like we were a bit wrong there as it appears that this current course of treatment is having a more detrimental effect on her royal gorgeousness. Fortunately(?) she only has three more treatments to go, over the first week of April and with luck that should be the end of it, although mice, men and plans springs rapidly to mind. Whatever the outcome we shall weather the storm and get through this.

Other than the above the last couple of weeks have been quiet, hopefully things will pick up soon, there’s a couple of days out planned that I’m looking forward to so as soon as the weather turns warmer I shall make the plans a bit more solid.

Oh yeah, PS; I am extremely proud of my sweet little friend who has been working so very hard and as a result is being considered for a placement on a course at the University of Kent, well done you clever peanut.

XXX Open-mouthed smile


Manky Badger said...

I thought that the speaker at the astro club was crap!!!!