Sunday, 22 May 2011

I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up.

Hello, sorry it’s been a while, I have to be honest nothing much has happened in my wild and, more than slightly, off kilter world. We have a new member of the family, he arrived a few weeks ago and already he’s worked his way into my, far too soft, heart. He’s only a little one so we should have many happy years with the little fella. His full name is Ujio Pocket Samurai, Uji for short and he’s a Chinese Crested, imagefor those not in the know it’s a breed of dog. He’s mostly bald with just a few tufts of hair around his feet, on the end of his tail and on his head, hence the crest. He’s a lively little thing and we I was a bit worried about how Ronnii would react to him. It’s turned out rather well, she growls at him now and then and the other day we had a moment where she put him in his place and he did the doggy equivalent of a panicky squeal, but he does that a lot, I gently put my hand on him and with the noise he made you’d have thought I touched him with something red hot with the noise he made. We think he may be a complete wimp, one of the many good things about having a very yujioung pup, he’s coming up to 15 weeks old, is that he’s very playful and this has bought Ronnii in touch with her inner pup a bit. She’s had a go at playing and she and Uji have had a couple of gentle playfights. these are a joy to watch as Ronnii is such a quiet little thing, she gets a bit excited when she sees her lead and does what can only be described as jumping for joy. At the moment Uji’s a bit of a handful, but once he’s got the grasp of house training there aren’t many problems we’ll need to over come. I haven’t told Trudes yet but I am becoming rather fond of the little man, Sunday Trudes went to her folks for the day and the three of us had a very relaxed day with some quality bonding time. I’m please that Ronnii’s taken to him though although I suspect that because he’s so young there may be a possibility that she may get a bit protective of him. If you visit Ujis blog there’s a video of them playfighting, I have to admit it is rather sweet to see.

SDC10381On Friday 20th May Trudes took delivery of a very large box that was addressed to me. The box contained a box, which contained another box, inside box number 2 was another box. Inside this third box was three smaller boxes and a shiny tripod. In the three smaller boxes were the optics and controller for the telescope that connects to the tripod. I am now the proud owner of a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT Maksutov-Cassegrain Astronomical Telescope. All I need now is a decent clear night to give it a run and get first light, I suspect the first object I see through it, other than the alignment stars, will be Saturn. It’s quite high in the sky fairly early on in the evenings so it’s a brilliant target for telescopes. There will also be some really wonderful objects to view as the year goes by and I’m looking forward to some great nights observing and, if all goes well, sharing those observing evenings with some fairly stellar mates, Do you see what I did their? There are two things that I am really looking forward to seeing through the new scope, the Moon is one, it’s going to be rather special, and Jupiter! Oh that is going to be absolutely mind blowing! Fortunately I have an adapted webcam for Astrophotography, one of the things that the 127 SLT is particularly useful for is lunar and planetary viewing so I should get some really good images, watch this space! Amongst all the bits and pieces that were in the box was a screwdriver, sadly it wasn’t sonic! I am so pleased with the scope I think I shall call it Winona!

There hasn’t been much in the way of painting over the last few weeks, but with the short nights ahead I should use that time to get on with the stuff that needs doing


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

And have you fallen in love with our nekkid fellow then ?

Think the answer is YES !!!!!!