Sunday, 25 October 2009

yes this land is good, and we shall call it, this land

I read the news today, oh boy! There’s a song in there somewhere!

The particular news article I read was in a paper that has initials that are an anagram of “nowt”. It concerned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Seconds reaction to the appearance of the leader of the BNP on question Time. Now I want to clear something up, I am NOT a nationalist; I have a strong sense of national pride and consider myself a loyal patriot. Yes, I hold certain xenophobic views and there have been times when I have been angry at the way the this country is being abused by the European state, it’s as if The United Kingdoms are used as a dumping ground for every other countries problems.

My view is that our heritage is being stripped away from us piece by piece, and that as a free Englishman, I have a right to be proud of my country’s achievements. There are so many things that we can’t do because it may offend someone somewhere. During the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Queens ascension to the throne, my sister was asked to remove the Union Flag from her window. Initially she declined to do so on the grounds that she was displaying her pride in the Queen. The first reason for her being asked to take the flag down was because some of her neighbours had complained, when she said tough, she was told that the flag was placed illegally. Because her house is not an official royal residence or government building and also so not on an approach road to a royal residence, she had to take it down. There’s also a £60 fine if you have the Union Flag or the Cross of St George on you vehicles number plate. The European Union symbol of 12 yellow stars on a blue background is permitted however.

Anyway, on to the main reason for my post, I fully agree with certain views regarding the BNP, in particular the fact that they are a bunch of idiotic morons who like nothing more than to use racism as a weapon, 60 years ago this nation fought against a group of people who held similar views. They’ve adopted one of the greatest leaders this country had as a symbol, claiming that had the BNP existed in the 1940’s the Churchill would have been a member, well the BNP did exist then, it was called English National Association, during WWII it was accused of fascist sympathies. There was a second BNP from 1960 to 67 the party was formed by the merger of the National Labour Party and the White Defense League, two political splinter groups from the League of Empire Loyalists pressure group. It disbanded after disastrous election results in 1966 when it was one of the parts of the newly formed National Front, which the current BNP was formed as a splinter group of. So it’s clear that in the past the BNP has been based either fascist views or right wing white supremacists. I don’t believe that’s what this country stands for. Most of the indigenous peoples of this island nation are descended from one of the few successful invaders, so whilst I rant on about my Englishness I know without doubt that I have Celtic blood in my veins, so there could also be Norse blood in there too. So who has the right to say does and does not have the right to hold a British passport, I believe that’s down to the individual.

If, in the extremely unlikely event, the BNP gain real power in this country, I believe it will be they who bring this nation down, not the people they stand against. On Question time, the leader of the BNP said that the show should not have been broadcast from London as he does not view our nation’s capital as a British city, in that respect he’s correct, London is the capital of England and the United Kingdoms, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, Cardiff is the capital of Wales and Belfast is the capital of northern Ireland. There is no British capital. Britain derives from the roman term “Britannia” referring to the Roman province covering much of the island. In respect of the comment of London not being a British capital, for several hundred years now, London has been a melting pot of cultures, either those that were under sovereign rule, or those that have been welcomed across our borders. To be honest, if the government were to remove all foreign nationals from our shores, the country would lose over 50% of its population. And it would be very boring.

So what I feel we should do is start a campaign to remove the influence of the BNP over this great nation of ours.

By the way, if you’re reading this and you support the BNP and you feel the need to pass negative or derogatory comments, please direct them to: I’m a complete numpty who supports the Big Numpty because, in all honesty, your opinion doesn’t matter!


Unknown said...

I had an argument with my dad on Saturday over the Question Time incident. He said that the BNP was right in their views. He didn't like it when I said that he was a racist and it would mean that some of his friends would have to leave if they got into power. Bob and Seeta down the road - both from Guana or Gana or Garner or whatever it is called. He said to me that that's not what they were talking about - they were talking about the immigrants. But no, they would see everyone who is not English kicked off of our shores - and that would probably mean him as well seeing as he is Scottish. I admit - UK is too lenient on who we let in, if people want asylum they should stop in the first country they come to - not carry on to us.

On the other note: This is OUR country, and we should be allowed to show our pride in it. People who move abroad from here don't start complaining that the muslims pray every 6 hours or however long - they let them get on with it because on the whole we are a tolerant people. Allow us to do what we want to show our love to the monarchy and St George.

Sorry - long comment