Monday, 19 October 2009

You cant take the sky from me!

Hello there, it’s been a few days since my last post, I’d love to be able to say that this one’s gonna be rant free, but sadly not today. Well not for the most part anyway! The first thing I’m ripping into is something I read about in one of the daily papers, apparent a south American national has been permitted to remain in the country even though his visa is four years out of date, why is he allowed to stay? Because he has a cat! Apparently the fact that he and his girlfriend provide a home for a moggie is reason enough to prove that he is entitled to stay in the country. This is ridiculous!, does this now mean that I can go out, rob a bank hand myself in and then say that I can’t be sent down because I have a cat? Of course not, I’d go to clink for the crime, they’d make an example of me, of course if I had two dozen children and said that I no speeky englis, then not only would I not go to prison, but I’d be given extensive free counselling, a new home and money to spend. Oh yeah, and cat food. So now it appears that all you have to do in order to gain “asylum” in England is have a cat! So everyone from kamikazestan is going to rush out and buy a cat.

My second rant is about a religious nutter who is calling for her majesty to convert to Islam, he also says that this country doesn’t need a general election, what it needs is an Islamic revolution. What I want to know is if these people hate us so much, why the smeg are they living here? Of course, I know the answer, money! And, oh yeah, they can express their views without fear of retribution, because being the nation that we are, an unwritten constitutional monarchy, subjects of Her Majesty have the right to freedom of speech. A person can stand up and say whatever they want whenever they want and not be imprisoned for expressing those views. Unless of course, a religious or political nutter takes offence to what you have to say. I can see me getting into trouble for this entry.

Finally I would like to express my deepest respects to a young lady who despite terrible injuries chose to appear publicly for the first time since the horrible attack on her to talk about what happened to her. This young lass is extremely brave and I would like to wish her every success for her future. Although I’m sure that sympathy is something she now has in abundance, I believe that this girl has balls of steel; I hope her story will empower others who have sustained injuries similar to hers. And I say this to her, despite the fact that she’ll probably never read this. “You are an amazing young lady who has been through the worst and come out strong, remain strong and someone is watching over you. Bless your beautiful heart!”

So that’s the rant over, some will probably see it as racist but it’s not, I love this country, I’m proud to be English. I’m proud that we open our borders to those in need. What I dislike are those who exploit that open door for personal gain.

That’s it for now; there will be a rant free entry at some point, so keep reading. And remember, you can’t stop the signal!



Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Extremely well put especially from one who does baby sneezes and really sweet baby snores too

Manky Badger said...

"Baby sneezes" - he sneezes like a girl (!)

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Yep teeny tiny sneezes indeedy

Unknown said...

I don't see you as a racist. As far as I am concerned it is far too easy for the seekers to get into this country. I am not about to go out and join the BNP as I disagree with them and I had an argument with my dad over it today.

I also don't have anything against the seekers that come here when they need to. What i do object to is the ones who come here for no reason other than they paid someone to get into a free country. We have enough problems here ourselves. Asylum is supposed to be given in the first country that they enter - not the one that will give them as man benefits as they want.