Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Also… I can kill you with my brain.

Well there seems to be a fair bit of interest in a paranormal investigation group, so I guess a trip to the library is needed, I also need to work on a constitution of sorts. I guess the other thing we’ll need is a venue for a regular meeting and some places to investigate. I expect that there’s a club that’s put their constitution online so I can adapt theirs.

Something that I’ve been asked to do is give an astronomy talk for one of the local scout groups, could be fun. I’ve had a look at what they need me to cover, it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll start putting some notes and slides together and getting some posters to put up. I’m quite looking forward to doing it. If I get stuck, I can always call on the members of AAS for help, in other words put manky on standby, what with him having experience with the scouts and stuff.

I also need to look online for things like EMF readers, I have a rough idea on price, sadly they’re not cheap, and with saving for my forthcoming nuptials, I need every penny that comes my way.

At some point over the next week or two, T and I have to visit the local registry office to book the date for the wedding. at the moment I’m not worried or nervous about it, but ask me again closer to the date, the answer may be different. I have my half of the guest list pretty much sorted. We have a rough idea of where we want to have the reception and we even have the entertainment more or less sorted. So that leaves the wedding itself, the catering and the time between the wedding and the reception to work out. There was mention of a sit down meal for immediate family and close friends. But I think that financially that’s going to be difficult. Unless, of course, we can convince Tiamat to contribute in some way. I’m probably gonna get a slap for that last comment. Still if the old battleaxe asks what we’d like as a gift, we could always suggest it, she can only say yes or no, and I’m quite good at dodging fireballs.

So my missions for the week are, in no particular order! 1. Find out how I go about advertising for the formation of a paranormal research group. 2. Get to the registry office and find out how much a wedding is gonna cost. 3. Write the talk for the scouts.

Not too much of a challenge.

Well there you have it, my first rant free blog, even the comment about the dragon queen was fairly well restrained by my standards. So I shall leave you to ponder the workings of the universe and recover from the shock of reading a blog from me that doesn’t end up a venomous tirade of anti-something.

Ta ta dear reader, fair thee well.


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

I do love you even if you are a soppy sod who does baby sneezes

Manky Badger said...

Badger sez:

Point 1 - Have a word with these people

Point 2 - off you go....

Point 3 - half the battle is knowing who the audience is (what age). Do they want a tour of the solar system, info on telescopes.. your easiest option might be a stellarium session followed by a practial outdoor session.

I know people with projectors...

Unknown said...

I have my course work now with a slide thing you can look at, I also have books on where the stars are in every month and what times they will be in them positions. A CD came with the coursework - not installed it yet. You'll do great though matey. I have every faith in you.

As for the nuptials: am I invited? lol

Paranormal group: I wanna come. hehe