Monday, 2 November 2009

holy mother of god and all her wacky nephews

I’ve always liked TV. In the halcyon days of my youth it was a medium of escape. There were programs about people running away and fighting a tyrannical federation, one about a bloke who lived in a blue box that travelled through time and space. There was one about a group of teenagers who had special powers and belts that they used to get from one place to another. Now it seems that we have programs where the main idea is to screw people over, shows that only seem to bring out the worst in people, and so called talent shows. I hate the X Factor, the quicker the population realise that the whole thing’s fixed and they’ve already decided who’s going to win, the quicker it’ll be off our screens. People moan about wrestling being predetermined, well duh, it’s a given. It’s not so much the outcome of the match that matters, but the fight itself. You have to appreciate the athleticism and the skill involved. At least wrestling doesn’t have stupid phone in votes that mean jack, the way I see wrestling is soap with Tom & Jerry violence. People stop paying Simon Cowell's mortgage, don’t phone in. If the country stopped voting they’d have to stop fixing it. They took Primeval off because ITV said that they wanted to devote more time to drama. What drama? So far there’s been one episode of Midsommer Murders, on a Wednesday; the rest of the week has been filled with mindless crap. Whatever happened to world of survival or strange but true? I like documentaries, programs that make you think, or show you how small we really are on this little blue and green marble. I also like to be entertained, but I don’t find things like X Factor entertaining, all right there’s the odd fit bird that’s a bit easy on the eye being all wiggly. But I wouldn’t rush home on a Saturday night to watch it.

I’m much chuffed for my mate Manky who is now an official world record holder; he took part in the world’s largest time warp on Saturday, well done him. Friday night I went along to the astronomy club. I took Al along with me. I think he enjoyed it, Drew did a terrific talk about the autumn constellations and the place was packed, Astrobash really did some good. I WILL attend next years. On Saturday night I was due to attend a ghost hunt at a pub in Essex, unfortunately the event was cancelled. I was a disappointed as I was really looking forward to it, but I’ve been assured that I’m top of the list for the next one. I’ve been thinking about starting up a paranormal investigation group for a while now. Kent has more than its fair share of, allegedly, haunted locations. I think the hardest thing about it would be finding a medium. Particularly as I’m very sceptical about them. Maybe I should advertise in the local library to see if I can find folk that would also be interested. Hmmmmm, mission for the week maybe? Getting it off the ground shouldn’t be too hard, mentioned it on facebook and twitter, so now I sit back and watch folk take the piss or show genuine interest. I wonder which I’ll get more of. I’ll update in my next entry.

Right that’s about it for now, if you’re reading this, live in Kent and think, hmm, I’d be interested in help this fella start a paranormal investigation society, leave a contact e-mail in a comment and I’ll get back to you. If you actually know me, then contact me through phone or e-mail. You never know, running around buildings looking for evidence of supernatural activity could even be fun.

Until next time, don’t have nightmares!


Manky Badger said...

Blake's Seven, Doctor Who, Tomorrow People. Got the lot on DVD.

TV now is dross. SO much so that I actually don't watch it. At all. Instead I let others watch TV, and wait to find what is worth bothering with, and watch that on re-runs.

Count me in for the paranormal. I saw a psychic in action the other week...

Unknown said...

I'll do the paranormal thingy too. Would love to try and find a ghost then explain why it really wasn't. Even though I have seen a couple myself.

I got Dr Who, Heroes, Sliders and Torchwood on DVD. Remember Blake's 7 though with the Federation and Servelan