Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I do what the rice krispies tell me to do!

You won’t see me write this that often; I’ve had a cracking day at work. I was let loose in the workshop and got to play with the band saw. Oh such fun! Every time I go into the wood work area I look at all the machinery such as big drills, cross cut saws, table saws, belt sanders and the like I cringe. Particularly when I see any of the guys using them, I should think to myself “wow, they’re really empowered” instead I find myself thinking “dear god that’s a hand gone!” it’s even worse when I see someone using a lathe, I mean a length of wood spinning at 1500 rpm could strip the skin off your arm. The band saw is one or more lost finger and as for the belt sander, let’s not go there. Fortunately the workshop instructors are amazing, health and safety is the number one priority. The worse injury we’ve had in all the years I’ve been there is a splinter. Now I’m no expert, but I think that’s a fairly fantastic track record. So today I got to play with these instruments of pain and death. I can almost envision my faithful reader on the edge of his/her seat in anticipation of what I did in the workshop, well wait no longer. I was cutting out wooden animals. I can do carpentry me. Maybe I was the son of a carpenter in a past life! Hmmmm! I dunno, all these new found skills that are coming to the fore, I can do gardening, carpentry, and yesterday I repaired a leak in the ceiling of the numeracy & literacy room. Damn, I should hire myself out as a handy man, if it’s broke I can fix it, well, sort of, I can bodge it to the best of my abilities. You’re impressed I can tell.

So on to a different subject, do you know what a 419 is? Well it’s an e-mail that you get from some poor sap who claims that they are the heir to a not unsubstantial fortune. Several million to be precise. Well they send you a mail and relate a tale of woe about how their parents, husband, wife was killed by some very dodgy people and they now have to get shot of the money before the bad guys catch up with them and get their mucky little mitts on it. So they ask you to provide your bank details so that they can make a goodwill deposit to show how genuine they are. Oh how I chortle when I get these. And I have such fun with them. Sending fake bank details is hilarious. They get really stressed and tell me that they’re gonna get me and my families, always worth a giggle.

Three days until the weekend, tomorrow’s hump day, not as rude as it sounds. When Wednesday’s over and done with it’ll be the downhill run to Friday.

My wedding plans have encountered a hiccup and we may have to put it back a bit, oh she’s gonna be miffed when she reads that. It looks as if I won’t be taking new wifey and stepson off to Lyme for a few days. The way things are looking we may have to settle for a weekend at new beach. Seriously though we must sort the whole shebang out, madam’s getting fretty and I think the fact that I’m remaining laid back about the whole thing is bothering her. Something will come up and everything will be fine. There is a strong possibility that I’ll be eating my words in a few months, and an even stronger chance that I’ll have a few bruises after herself has read this paragraph. Tee hee!

Well I’m off to try out my new found skill of saving the planet, saving the planet from the evil that is chocolate, and as for the vile doughnut of doom, I shall end its reign of terror.

Wish me luck faithful reader, ‘tis a rotten job, but someone’s gotta do it. Hand me the spoon, for I see the fruit trifle of despair approaching. Have at thee foul beast!

Splat, squelch, nom, nom, nom aaaaaaargh. The dreaded curse of indigestion, but I shall soldier on!


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

I am not saying a bloody word now

Sue Banks said...

This is a comment re your comment.
You were the epitome of Klingon.
I remember when we introduced Q'ehbenal....Glenn's was a total surprise to you and yet you didn't even just ran with it........BRILLIANT. They were fun times and I am glad you have fond memories of them. Sometimes you don't realise what great times you are having until they are gone. Q'apla Kalon.