Sunday, 22 November 2009

Seven deadly sins Seven ways to win Seven holy paths to hell, And your trip begins

What an interesting weekend thus far. After work I had a pootle around the local ASBO, I need a new mouse for the laptop, I got the current one there and there’s a loose connection in it so it needs replacing, of course they had none in stock so I’ll have to wait or find an alternative. My visit to ASBO’s beings fruitless I went home. I had every intention of doing a bit of sorting out before the lads arrived. However, the Jedi master that is Obi Kat Kenobi had other plans. I got in, sat down for a quick cuppa and ended up being assailed by the mogs, bless ‘im. Two of the guys arrived at around 18:39ish, then the third member of our party arrived, albeit a bit under the weather. So we started to set about with killing of nasty beasties. Then I got a text from the missus saying that she was on the phone to the rozzers, my immediate reaction was unprintable to say the least. Anyhoo it transpired that some twat faced hoodie wearing drain on humanity had tried to make off with her bag. Fortunately the low life had no luck as her royal gorgeousness smacked him round the head with her key chain, I knew that’d come in useful at some point. The twonk squealed a profanity and made a run for it. He got off lightly if you ask me. Of course herself is a little guilt ridden for her violent outburst, I, on the other hand, feel the little shite should have been kicked square in the nuts. Anyway, due to my betrotheds dismay we drew the evening to a close and headed up to spend the evening with her. One good thing was that I got to see the Doctor Who preview on CiN last night. Saturday morning I headed home to await the arrival of manky Llewellyn Bowen, nippy chippy, Boo and last but not least foreman Matty. They were coming down to carry out some maintenance work on the house. Now I’m totally useless at this sort of thing, but I managed to do a bit of gardening, well, I say gardening, what I mean is, picking up the rubbish and putting it in the bins. I also got stuck in with the repair work on the stairs. I was squeezing thick sticky white stuff on the gaps. This resulted in a great many humorous comments, all of which are also unprintable, but I’m sure you get the gist. The changing room’s team left around midday, so I lounged on the sofa with my cat and caught up on this week’s Bones, Lie to Me and two episodes of Merlin. Then back up to casa el Birdos, collecting a fine meal of kebab meat and chips on the way, DTWP likes kebab meat. After sitting through the mindless twaddle that is X Factor, (Stacey, woof!) we watched 300. Sodding good film that.

Payday at the end of the week and there’s a couple of films out that I plan to buy, the primary one is the new trek film, also a sodding good film. I may also get terminator salvation and land of the lost.

I had a message from the shop today, it said that my friend who was hurt in a fire earlier in the week is out of hospital and up and about, although his right arm is described as “a mess” it’s good to know that he’s ok and on the road to recovery. I look forward to seeing him next Saturday. I also have to head into water stones as it was a very good friends birthday Saturday, so I shall get her a book token, they always go down well. I also need to sort out a card and contents for a friends little lass. A tenner shall be winging its way to Surrey soon.

So that leaves Sunday to go, I don’t anticipate much happening except a trip home to spend some time with the mog and perhaps a spot of painting, even if only to finish off the Terminators that have been a WIP for the last 3 months, I’ll be glad when this lots finished.

So that’s it for now.