Thursday, 19 November 2009

whatever you do, don’t fall asleep

Hello my little treacle tarts, Sunday was quiet, didn’t do a great deal, had a brief sortie into town to shop in ASBO, sorry ASDA. I’m really disappointed with Folkestone’s shoplifting centre. Aside from the supermarket, there are eight food outlets, I think there are more places to eat and drink in Folkestone the actual shops. So after a fruitless browse I headed home, where I spent a couple of hours catching up on bones and lie to me. Then up to the OH’s for Doctor Who. I really enjoyed it; it was tense and a good old fashioned Dr Who story. Although I thought the end was just a bit daft and a bit sad. At first I thought Adelaide was going to shoot the doc, I never expected what happened. I’m really looking forward to the next two episodes.

Whilst I was at work today I got a call from the shop, Sue told me that a mutual friend had been taken to east Grinstead burns hospital after his house had been all but destroyed by fire, poor bugger; I really hope he’s as ok as possible. Sadly the news Sue had was not good, so I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’s back on his feet soon.

Work’s been fairly good this week, although I was running around like a thing possessed today. I think the guys had been given blue smarties and cheap cola again today. I’m having trouble grasping the fact that tomorrow’s Thursday, it felt like a Thursday today so lord only knows what the real Thursday’s going to be like. I hope it’s not as bad as today. Roll on Friday!

I can’t believe the prudishness, is that a word? of some people. Apparently eight people have complained about the M&S advert, the one with Philip Glenister says something like “bring on the girl prancing around in her underwear” well it’s been cut. I ask you! What could anyone find offensive in that. They can broadcast adverts with girlies frolicking around in their knickers and no one bats an eyelid, but as soon as it’s pointed out that there’s cute lass doing it folk get all PC and start moaning. So no more girlie prancing, BAH HUMBUG! Even the misses is miffed. Still there are the famous grouse adverts to come, I like those. No one can find anything offensive in them.

Got some mates coming down on Saturday to carry out some much needed work on the house, I’m total rubbish at that sort of thing. I have to have a good sort out of the kitchen so as it’s presentable as possible, and I have to go shopping, again, to buy stuff for a lasagne, these hard working types need feeding, and plenty of milk, tea and sugar. I may not know one end of a paint brush from the other, but I do know how to make a decent cuppa. I think the guys at the shop are starting to think I’ve quit, I haven’t been down there for a month. The last time I was there I unleashed the full fury of the chapter Aurelius upon the mechanical menace that is Necron, my Necrons, suffice to say the 9th were victorious, claiming an early victory with the destruction of the Necron Monolith, and then it was a simple case of cleaning up the remaining forces. I really must get on with the painting of the rest of my models. I want to start fielding the Tau. Lots of other players have said that the Tau are bit rubbish, but I have plans. [Insert evil laugh type thing here] I’m not sure it would be appreciated if sat painting miniatures on Saturday, Tee hee.

I’ve had a go at recreating a picture that I created many years ago using software called Deluxe Paint on my old Amiga. Tea very sweetly bought me some proper drawing pencils and a sketch pad. I’ve done a preliminary sketch, whilst I’m not confident I’m going to give it my best effort. It’s strange how you never use something and think to yourself “it’s time to get rid of it” and when it’s gone you really miss it. I loved my Amiga, I miss frontier and I really miss deluxe paint. I’m not even sure I still have the disks that the pictures I’d created are on, which is a shame really as there were some really good pics, even if I do say so myself. If and when the drawing’s finished I’ll put a photo of it on the blog.

No major interest in the ghost hunting thing yet, a few of my friends have said they’d be up for it, so I’m going to have a look round for some possible venues and sort out dates and get a “team” together for a trial run. I want to stick to the Kent area to start with, ideally somewhere that’s easily accessible by train or bus. So I’m off to do a bit of research.

Fare thee well my little mince pies, and bear in mind that as of 18/11/09 there’s only 36 day to Christmas. Woo hoo; bring on the turkey, stuffing, roast spuds, carrots, sprouts, gravy, Christmas pud, mince pies, tree, tinsel, lights. Satsuma’s, nuts, crackers with stupid jokes and crappy novelties in them, in fact all things Christmassy. Yay! :o)



Sue Banks said...

Funny how you sometimes mis-read things. Instead of Satsumas, first glance I read.........Santa's nuts.
How rude I thought. Worse than prancing girls.

Unknown said...

What piccie on Deluxe Paint was that?