Sunday, 15 November 2009

there’s a hole in my mind, and three days seem to have fallen into it!

A bit of a gap since my last entry, the astronomy talk went well, and the visit from the sister wasn’t anywhere near as bad as my WTB had built it up to be, Oh how I chuckled. Had a standard Sunday, quiet and restrained. Had doctor who to look forward to and the new series of top gear. I have to say that I enjoyed tonight’s episode, I’m going to miss David Tennant as the doc, I’ve really enjoyed his run. I really hope that matt smith does well in the role. As for top gear, what can I say but excellent stuff, as usual, I know a great many people dislike the program and its main presenter, but it’s something that I find entertaining, more so than talentless numpties howling into a microphone, except, of course, Stacey. Her rendition of “who wants to live forever” was phenomenal.

Not much occurring on the health front, I have no idea if any of the meds I’m on are actually doing anything. all I really know is that the side effects are NOT good, it's a bit worrying that stuff that supposed to help you recover makes you feel so bloody awful at times. On the other hand I shouldn't moan really, there are folk I know that are much worse off health wise than me so I guess I should count my blessings. But this is my blog thing so ner!

Well that’s it for now; I’ve run out of stuff to write about, I guess I need the French to misbehave so that I have something to rant about.

Ta ta.


Unknown said...

I thought the way that Tennant turned quite nasty and "master-ish" near the end and then when he saw the ood and realised what he did, he realised he had gone too far.

The End Of Time looks like it's going to be good. :-)

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Ok then Mr Fluffy Puppy of the baby sneezes, you have me down as The Missus, her royal gorgeousness, your betrothed and el birdo are there any more names you would care to add to the list ? I would think carefully before answering if I was you bearing in mind I am now a mindless violent thug of