Wednesday, 11 November 2009

You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin' command here!

It’s been a good couple of days, tonight I spent the evening prepping a model that I’m painting for a friend. The model’s a war mumak for the Lord of the Rings table top wargame, those not familiar with the films; a mumak is a huge elephant like beastie with lots of big tusks. It’s the thing that Legolas kills only to be told “that still counts as one!” by Gimli. It’s a beautiful model, with a lot of detail. I’m only doing the main beastie and the howdah, which I’m pleased about. Lord of the rings miniatures are slightly smaller than the standard 40k models, and having never painted any I don’t really fancy cutting my teeth on someone else’s models. I have the mines of Moria boxed game which includes the fellowship. I’m looking forward to painting them, even if they only end up as display pieces. I’ve always wanted to paint the fellowship, Gandalf in particular. I also really like the model for Sam, he’s holding a frying pan as if he’s about to lump someone or something with it. If I only buy one more model from the lord of the rings range, it has to be the Balrog. The figure is probably one of the best in the range. The only set back I can see with the Balrog is that it’s a metal model. Whilst metal figures are extremely well detailed, they are notorious for going together, lots of pinning and buckets of super glue.

Friday night is alternate plans, instead of the usual Friday night shenanigans,, I shall be attending the local scout group as part of their astronomy evening, should be fun, astronomy twice this month, yay.

I have tomorrow (Wednesday) off work, I’m still getting up early as my littlest mate is off to see the doctor in the morning, he’s having an operation which will stop him marking his territory and should also calm him down a little bit, in a way I don’t really want him calm, I like the fact that he’s a little bit bonkers. Every time I get home he bounces around the room until I sit down, and then he comes up for major fussing. It’s odd that I never really liked small dogs, but DTWP is the second little chap to win me over. The first was a lovely little fella called biscuit, and if I’m honest, I miss that fella.

Well enough of my ramblings for tonight, I shall update when something interesting happens.

Via con dios


Unknown said...

Shouldn't that be DTWP? LOL

I love the Oliphants. Love fighting them in the games