Sunday, 8 November 2009

there are 2 goldfish in a tank, one fish looks at the other and says “so, do you know how to drive this thing?”

It’s the weekend, huzzah! It started off in the usual fashion, an evening of D&D with the lads, pizza and booze, them not me, I don’t drink that heavily. This morning saw my return to the shop for the Warhammer 40k group. I got a bit annoyed with a couple of the lads today. It seems that one of them was unhappy with the fact that he was losing, so he started messing around with the other lad’s miniatures. Hiding them and then messing around with the ones that were still on the table. It resulted in a model being “lost”. Now I know that the majority of my readers will have no idea what I’m prattling on about. Miniatures are the most important part of the game. People spend hours building, painting and converting their models. There’s a lot of work that goes into each and every model that gets painted, personally I take pride in my completed models. I’ve painted hundreds of models over the years, and I may be bragging a bit when I say that my painting skills are above average, not to the standard of Citadels finest painters, but I’ve been told by a few people that my work is on the right side of good. I am starting to get worried with the fact that one of the lads who comes to the shop, and claims he can’t paint, and then he proceeds to show me the most amazing painted models I’ve seen in a long while. Anyways, I’ve digressed a bit so back on track. What really annoyed me about the “lost” model is that the dad of the boy that owned the lost model has spent many hours painting his sons miniatures and has read books, watched videos on YouTube and chatted with professional painters at GW. His work is incredible, even more impressive by the fact that he’s been painting for a few months. I put a lot of effort into the Saturday war gaming group, and I also put a lot of trust in the lads that come along. I get really annoyed when that trust is abused. I’m fairly certain that if the situation were reversed and one of the little snots who are responsible for the loss were to “lose” one of theirs, then mummy or daddy would be in the shop demanding the issue be addressed and put right. I often reinforce to the lads that they need to watch their stuff, and keep their hands off the other guy’s models. I know that if any of my models were to go missing there would be hell to pay.

So next Saturday I have to get all authoritarian and inform the culprit that unless the model is returned and he learns to leave other peoples things alone, he will no longer be able to game at the shop.

I’m going to have to go to the shop on the 14th for just that purpose. My sister’s coming down from Birmingham in the afternoon, so I’ll have to get back before she turns up. The missus is a little nervous about meeting her. I think she’s worried about what my sister will think of her. I’ve tried to explain to my betrothed that she won’t be bothered about judging her, as long as we’re happy and work out, that’s all she’ll be concerned about.

It’s now Saturday evening and I’m listening to/watching A Knights Tale, blooming good flick. Tomorrow I shall head home to feed my super mogs, and catch up on some of the stuff that I’ve recorded over the last week. Not sure what’s happening Sunday evening, I know that I need to head up to Canterbury for some Nag Champa and a bit of browsing, hopefully my fiancé will be able to tag along. It’s been a while since we had an outing, and I did feel particularly proud having her most royal gorgeousness hanging on my arm.

On the health front I’m trying to slowly change the diet and start eating healthier, I had chicken salad for lunch today. Oh joy! I ate green stuff, GREEN STUFF! Then there’s the meds, they’re not good, wind is the main problem, I’m getting terrible farts. Another problem is the fact that I need to pee every ten minutes, this can be quite annoying when you’re sat at a workstation trying to paint models that are just over an inch and a half tall and have the tiny intricate details that only a war gamer can appreciate. There’s a couple of pieces to accompany this entry so that my doing readers can see my work, and, may haps, comment on them.


ork warboss 1 SDC10326


So that’s it for this instalment, I hope your weekend is fruitful and relaxifying.

May the gods watch over you!



Manky Badger said...

Partylite could have Nag Champa in a fight, and what are these gods that are going to watch over me...?

The excessive wind is the healthy eating - over the last month my carbon footprint has gone through the roof.

And as for your bad lad - throw him out. Now. With no second chances.

I did the cub scouts for twelve years and in the end I got so frustrated that I packed it up. And in retrospect I left because of a very small minority of little shits who were given so many second chances.
I packed up, fed up with the whole thing, and left all the decent kids behind. Had we thrown out the little shits at the start, everyone would still be enjoying themselves...

kalon said...

the gods are which ever ones you want, Nag Champa'a double 'ard and my carbon footprints doubled

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Hmmmm Now whose a soppy bucket ????
Your minatures are far better than just the right side of good Mr Man so stop being so damn modest or else I may have to spank you ! Woohoo

Unknown said...

I agree with Coyote. You're figures are impressive. Wish I could paint like that.