Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I am a leaf on the wind…watch how I soar.

So it’s nearly Christmas, I covered the shop on Saturday it was a bit of a dullness. After being told that it would be really busy due to it being the last Saturday before chrimbo. It wasn’t! I froze half to death and all for very little. Tea visited which was cool and when I got to the shop in the morning two mates were waiting for me to open up. Custom came in slowly, and not a great deal of them were spending. I really enjoy covering the shop; I quite look forward to it. But I can see how frustrating it must be for Sue, considering her livelihood depends on it. A couple of bad days can mean the difference between carrying on or giving up. If I have a bad day at work I can go home and leave it behind, and if necessary I can deal with it the next day. If sue has a bad day, she has no choice but to take it home, worry about it and the worry if the next day’s going to be as bad. So I have a deep respect for what Sue does. That includes the fact that she hands over a quarter of the shop floor to the gaming group every Saturday. It’s only December 21st and 2009 has just over a week to go but I’ve made a resolution already, only a silly one but a resolution none the less. Next year I plan to put more effort into my miniature painting. I’ve had some of the models almost 2 years and they’re still in cellophane wrappers. So I intend to devote at least 2 evening per week to finishing the space marine army. Although considering that it’s my main army I don’t expect it’ll ever be truly finished. Certain games show where the weak areas in the force are and that result in me buying models to fill that gap. I will get on with the Tau and complete it, all I need for that is another 2 – 3 piranhas. The Necron are my only complete army, well I say complete, there’s one or two units that I could benefit from having in the force but I’m waiting until they get released in plastic before I add them to the ‘cron force. The other thing that I need to concentrate on are the buildings. I have some beautiful buildings waiting to be put together and painted, when it’s finished the game board will look amazing. After an uneventful day at the shop I had to rush home to get ready for the staff Christmas night out. Earlier in the year there had been much discussion as to where we should go. Last year we went to a local hotel for dinner and a disco. We had such a good time that we agreed to go again, and again we had a really good time. I got home about midnight-ish and watched the latest episode of lie to me. Then off to bed, accompanied by the bestest moggie in the world. I woke up not too late and mooched about for a bit, then I phoned Tea, who had spent the night with her son and her folks. I suggested that I made my way down there and we could go back to hers from there, I bussed down to as near as I could get then walked alongside the canal. Seeing the canal all frozen was nice, I like seeing it like that, it makes me want to walk along it. Although I think it would have to get considerably colder for the ice to be thick enough for it to be walked on. When we got home we settled down to some telly and a take away, naughty I know but neither of us felt like cooking. Although Tea has yet to sample my culinary skills. I have some provisional dates for fun things in the first few weeks of 2010. I’m covering the shop again one Saturday in January, the 30th of Jan is going to be a sort of second Christmas party for a good mate. The 6th of February is the fossil road show at the museum of Canterbury. This is a really good, if somewhat small event, fossil enthusiasts from all over gather together to show off and discuss all things paleontological. Also in February is a trip to Tenterden to see an ELO tribute band. I like ELO so that should be a cool night out, particularly as my girly’s going to be coming with me and some of my closest friends. Not forgetting the toy fair at the end of January, woo hoo! Apparently there’s a horde of us going. So all in all the first few weeks of the New Year are going to be rather busy.

Well that’s about it for now, until next time. TTFN


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

You did not phone me you cheeky so n so, I rang you and you were still in bed !!!!

kalon said...

i remembered it slightly different is all!