Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Some say that each of his toenails are exactly the same as a woman's nipples, and that he thinks that "credit-crunch" is some kind of a breakfast cereal.

Hello everybody peeps, well I’ve recovered from the long queues and madness that was the SFX Weekender. despite a few shortfalls I did have a very good time. Tea thoroughly enjoyed herself, although it has taken its toll and she’s totally knackered. On a brighter note she has officially been transformed from a minor geek-girl to a major one. she spent most of Sunday looking for the next Con, bless her.

Also in the news, Mickey, who i went to London with a few weeks back, rang me last week and said that he has a couple of tickets for a ghost hunt on Sunday 21st Feb. It’s at Dover Castle, Woo Hoo! Sadly this will entail a lot of climbing up and down some very steep stair cases and I’m not sure Tea would be able to managed it. So I’ll be taking my future stepson. he’s rather stoked with the idea.

I’ve started a new project, you can view its early stages here: please feel free to take a look, and leave any (polite) comments. I’ll add to it as and when i get new pics. I'm also going to sort out some that I already have.

enjoy the pics, I look forward to your comments.

Bye for now.



Unknown said...

Cool pics. :-)