Wednesday, 24 February 2010

You wanna know the difference between right and wrong? Easy, I’m right you’re wrong! What part of that confuses you?

It is said that we are judged by our actions, whether you call it karma or divine retribution, some believe that we pay for the hurt we cause others through our misdeeds.

The other day I was having one of those intense conversations with the missus, we were talking about our pasts and how they have made us what the people we are today. I know she’s no saint, and that she has a history, but hey, don’t we all? Personally I don’t agree with holding someone’s past against them, it’s the here and now that matters. She also knows some of my previous history, which to be honest, why she didn’t run away very fast when she learned about it I will never know! Still, we are polar opposites and it is said that opposites attract, so that explains why she never ran!

On a brighter note I returned to work after having a couple of days off due to being slightly dead, and only a few blogs back I was saying how I’m never ill, well I was quite poorly and needed, and received, lots of TLC from ‘erself, Lord bless her. She was a superstar, considering that she’s not well herself she really pulled out all the stops in nursing me back to health. So with my ailments resolved I can return to ensuring that her royal gorgeousness has her every need pandered to. Well as best as I can anyway.

Regular readers may notice that a second blog page has been added, this is primarily for the benefit of the guys at the shop on Saturdays, hopefully the guys will be able to check the blog at least once a week to find out what’s planned for each week. Whilst it is an open blog it is aimed at the 40k players I know and a lot of it won’t make sense to the non gamer. It’s another plan to encourage the lads to take notice of what’s happening at the club, once the blog is established and the guys are aware of it, I will post game plans and the missions they will be playing and the points values they’ll need.

Still, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

Missy has been talking about having some time away once her current treatment has finished, we’re looking at a couple of places to visit. She has said that she would like to go somewhere she can indulge herself in developing a new interest. Whilst it would be lovely if I could convince her to catch the fossil bug, I don’t think she’ll be up to smashing rocks open. Having seen what the first two doses have done to her, by the time the course finishes I doubt she’ll have the strength to lift a hammer. So we need to find her something a little less intense. She’s mentioned that she might like to take up bird watching. Fortunately this won’t be as hard as it sounds. As an amateur astronomer I have two very good binoculars so all she needs is a comfy chair, (Cardinal Biggles has one) whilst the thought of sitting still for hours on end in the hope you may glimpse the tail feather of a lesser spotted throat warbler does not appeal to me, I’m sure we can find a location that will suit her wish to stare at sparrows all day and allow me to go off and look for the remains of their ancestors, well sort of! She’s not keen on the idea of a certain town in Dorset, so that means looking for a new dig site. Having consulted friends at the UKGS and have a few locations in Wales that may be interesting, the earliest rocks being Ordovician and the youngest fossil bearing rocks being Jurassic. Whilst I’d like the chance to get stuck into some Cretaceous rock, Tea’s very keen to see Red Kites. My sister is a keen twitcher and has said that some of the best places to see them are in North Wales; the good fossil grounds are in the south. So we may have to meet in the middle. I don’t like leeks, and daffodils make me sneeze. Unless I can find a way of persuading a couple of these Red Kite things to nest on the Isle of Wight. Or I could ask a few friends to take some red flexifoils there. That’s a kiting joke for the benefit of one or two of my readers. (Tee hee!)

Anyway, I’m off to write an entry for other blogs and stuff.