Sunday, 28 March 2010

Every silver lining has a bloomin’ cloud!

Friday was a bit bonkers really, work was hectic as usual. Most of the guys had been at the blue smarties and cheap orange squash again. This brings all manner of chaos, trying to encourage a 40 year old to settle down is hard enough, throw in the fact that the 40 year old is as strong as an ox and thinks it’s fun to see if he can squash your head makes it all the more difficult. It’s strange what the guys view as a fun social activity. Seeing as how Friday is generally P.O.E.T.S day, I managed to get away at about 15:45, woo hoo! When I got home there was a red card from the postie telling me that I had a letter that wouldn’t fit through the slot. So off I trotted into town to collect the mystery package. I couldn’t recall ordering anything and started trying to work out if I’d entered any competitions. The puzzle was soon solved when I collected the thing from the sorting office. I hadn’t won anything, I had been sent a pot and a letter from the doctor asking me to return it full, I won’t say what with, but I think my doctor’s taking the p*ss. Especially as I gave them a similar pot, with contents at the beginning of the week.

On my return journey my dearest betrothed rang to say that she was taking DTWP for a stroll and had decided to stroll down for a cuppa. This was a welcomed event as I wasn’t expecting to see either of them until sometime on Saturday. So a brew was had and then I said ta ta to herself and wonder pup and headed off to Woodchurch for astronomy club. This month I was going armed with my scope so that it could be collimated and then I could use it for a spot of astro-photography.

The clubs talk was being given by Manky, I really enjoy his talks and I was particularly looking forward to tonight’s as it was about Saturn, which was the first thing I saw through the scope I had with me. As usual the manky one excelled and gave yet another fantastic talk. After the talk I collared the club chairman so that he could sort out my scope and get it all set up right. It was actually easier than I thought. This surprised me considering the beatings it’s taken over the years. Once the job was done I headed outside to test my newly aligned instrument. I got about two minutes observing time before the sky clouded over. PANTS! Eventually I headed home somewhat disappointed by the clouds.

When I got home I settled down to a large mug of tea and an episode of Dead Like Me. Then a bit of work to prepare for the 40k group, with that all done I realised it was way past bedtime. All too soon the alarm was shouting at me about getting up to go to Hythe, so I gathered up books and models and set off.

The shop was good and we had a couple of new lads in who seemed to enjoy their first battles. Later in the afternoon Tea arrived accompanied by mum, they were off for a bit of a wander along the high street and a cuppa and a bun. Before she left, Tea mentioned that there was a telescope for sale in one of the (many) second hand shops. I arranged to meet her and walk down to take a look. I was hoping it would be an altazimuth mount so that I could use it as spares for my Tasco. It turned out that it was, and it’s possible that it’s the same type. All the numbers seem to match up at least. So I relieved Trudes of £32, which will be returned as soon as my bank details are sorted. Yes I’ve changed my bank. I’m now with Think Banking, they can offer me a debit card which means that I will be able to manage my finances better and make online purchases without relying on other people. Hoorah! The new scope is stored in a rather natchy case and will have to be put together each time I want to use it, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Now all I have to do is save up some dosh for the wedding and then I can start saving toward a Meade with GOTO tracking.

Sadly there was a bit of a low point as i was travelling to the future in-laws. one of the centre’s service users was on the bus, a cheerful chap who almost always has a kind word and a warm smile. he greeted me in his usual manner, a cross between blissful happiness and wild excitement. whilst i was sat staring out of the window, watching the world whizz by, i thought he called me. Sadly. to my disbelief, it was actually a teenager who thought it would be amusing to mock the bloke. The service user has learning difficulties and as a result his speech is a little slurred, add in the excitable demeanor and he can be a little difficult to understand and somewhat loud. this is something that never bothers me as I encounter it on an almost daily basis. initially i chose to ignore the behaviour of the idiots at the back of the bus, until i heard discussing how hilarious it would be if they all took the p*ss at the same time. i now felt it was time for a gentle word, so I loudly advised them to Grow up and show some respect. unfortunately they took no notice and continued with the name calling. although one of them did voice concerns that i may be about to exact some violence on them. maybe they would have understood that a bit better. however i wasn’t prepared to sink to their level. i was once told never to argue with an idiot, he’ll bring you down to his level, then beat you with experience. when i arrived at my stop I told the service user to ignore the little scrotes and then mentioned to the driver what had been happening. he promptly shut the bus down and gave them all a “you should know better” look.

it surprises me that in this multi-cultural world where the youth of today are supposedly taught about acceptance and equality, that there are people who still think it funny to mock someone who’s not as fortunate as themselves. do they get some sense of acheivement from it? I wonder if the next time i encounter a similar situation i should explain to the offenders that it only takes a slight blow to the head in the right place and they won’t be in full control of their own faculties. based on the behaviour of the twonks on the bus, it’s clear that their gene pool doesn’t have a life guard.

so there’s my rant for today. but, if ever any of my readers witness such a situation, please slap the annoying gets responsible. preferably with an iron bar!

So that’s pretty much it for now, I post an update on the new scope once I’ve had a chance to field test it.

Ta ta peeps


Unknown said...

Some people have no idea on clitoral stimulation so have to get their rocks off being absolute puss-boles and pretending to be hard when they are more flacid than a stagnant banana. You showed that you are better than them by requesting that they stop and then did not stoop to their level.