Thursday, 15 April 2010


There’s been some time, again between posts. yes I really am that dull.

anyways we’ve had 2 episode of season 5/1/31 of Doctor Who, so far so good, Matt Smith’s quirky and bonkers and I think he’s going to be slightly darker than his predecessor. don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy DT’s stint but I’ve been looking forward to the new season for sometime now and for me it hasn’t been a let down as yet. quite a few of my friends were very anti Matt Smith, but most of them have admitted to being wrong and saying that he’s well suited to the role. we’ve also had 2 episodes of the final season of Ashes to Ashes, oh sweet joy! This i really like. The character of Gene Hunt is superb. there’s just something about him that makes him very watchable, that is, of course, my own opinion and others may have different views, but this is my blog so it’s my opinion that matters. so ner! I think it’s also got something to do how Philip Glenister portrays him. Gene Hunt’s a bastard, but that’s what makes him so likeable. he’s also a complete good guy, his methods may be questionable but he gets results and he looks out for those who are important to him. my theory on the Gene-Genie is that he’s some sort of ferryman type character, helping those who have passed on to find their way. if you’ve been following the series you be familiar with Jim Keats. he’s a bad man, the fact that his office is dark and appears to very well heated with a rather menacing red glow about it, and he’s trying to turn Genes’ team against him. I don’t trust the bloke and neither should they. the scripts for this final run appear to be trying to show Hunt as a bad guy and some how responsible for the death of Sam Tyler. A2A is well written and extremely watchable, at this point i remind of the earlier “ner”.

I had a day off today, Smiffy came over and we sat painting, he made a start on the last tactical squad for 40k and finished of the Terminator squad. that brings the total up to 16 termies, death shall stride across the battle field in my next game. only a few more models to go and i shall have finished the space marine army. this will mean that i can make a start on what is turning out to be a rather sturdy Tau force. I will also start on the building, I want to have them ready for the tournament in July so that i can put together a demo table. once done I can get the Land Raiders started, the main one is going to need some careful thinking as it’s going to be the personal transport for the Chapter master and as a result, it needs to look a bit special.

so the non gamers who read this will have no clue what I’m babbling on aboot, so if you’re confused and befuddled, my work here is done eh!