Thursday, 3 June 2010

insert expletive here!

It’s been a relatively quiet week, I watched most of season 2 of Sanctuary on Monday, the last two episodes were recorded due to other viewing needs and the fact that herself had also sat through the episodes and not enjoyed one of them. Tuesday was the penultimate episode of fringe; I’m looking forward to the final episode. Friday sees the start of the world cup, oh joy! Apparently it will be compulsory viewing in the house. I think that I’ll remove my eyes and ears for the next four weeks. Although it may be longer as the final series of big brother starts next week. So either way the telly box will centre on vacuous idiots with a high sense of entitlement. Where BB is concerned, I can just about manage the entrance night, as for the football, it hurts my finger just typing the word! No doubt there’ll be delays in stuff that’s worth watching and cancellation due to the overpaid numpties not being able to do their job done. They get paid a squillion quid per game and they can’t even do that right. I wonder if they get paid over time. Ninety minutes gets the more money than the national debt, they go ten minutes over and probably get time and half.

Today was a very special friend’s birthday, to celebrate the day we decided that we’d get take out. It was agreed that KFC was in order so myself and a comrade set off to town to gather the meal. Dear god it was like pulling teeth. On entering the establishment we knew it was going to be difficult. The first order wasn’t made by me and took a bit of time getting through to the fella working the till, then I was served, after being overlooked twice, the chap was ready to take my order. It was a painful experience. As I placed the order, he repeated it back to me; I confirmed each part as he did, he then repeated it back to me again. The problem was that the order comprised of around 8 different things. So having it all repeated to you four times gets a bit tedious after a while. Upon returning home after our hunter gathering session I found that, despite confirming the order 8 thousand times and watching blokey read the order from a till print out, he’d got it completely wrong. About the only thing that was in the bag that I had actually ordered were the chips. He’s obviously been trained to serve food by the same bloke who teaches the England footballists to play the game. It would explain the reason for complete ineptitude. Next time I’m going to suggest MacDonald’s! Folkestone KFC was almost worse than le MacDonald’s at Euro-disney, when they stuffed our order up they acted like it was our fault and refused to serve us. It was quite impressive to watch. It was the first time I’d been to a French Macdees, and the person giving the order was speaking French like a native, but as the situation deteriorated he became more English. He explained to la girlie that she was getting it wrong, not happy with him pointing out le tragedie she snatched the remainder of the order from him and told him to leave la shop and never returnĂ©. Oh how we laughed.

Off to Astronomy club on Friday night, the weather looks promising and now that my scope is fixed it should be a good night, the problem is that I have just over three weeks to finish and commit to memory my talk on Jupiter. Best get on with it then.

Bye for now all.



Unknown said...

A pity I am going to miss your talk on Jupiter. BTW - I passed my astronomy course. :-)

kalon said...

well done you. :o)