Saturday, 29 May 2010

Gorram it read the signs!

This morning I woke up with a pounding headache, I didn’t sleep too well. I think I was a bit restless due to the disruptions with the household. Still normal service has been resumed and a certain little chap has headed off to stay with a friend and tomorrow he heads off to what will, hopefully, be his forever home. I have to admit that I’m missing the little fella; he’s such a playful and happy pup that he will bring a lot of joy in his new home. Fortunately we’ll get regular updates on how he’s doing so it won’t be too bad.

At the shop today, two victories to the Necrons, woo hoo! I’m starting to think that I should have concentrated on them as a primary army as opposed to the Space Marines. Although I don’t think we were as busy today numbers wise, we were very busy.

Anyway, on with todays rant! Oh no here we go again I hear you cry with despair, but yup there’s a rant coming, and this one’s about law breakers.

For those who don’t know, Hythe high street is a pedestrian area between 11 am and 3 pm. There’s usually a gate that gets closed by the local rozzer, but recently he’s been a bit lapse in his duty and the gate hasn’t been closed on Saturday. Despite the fact that there’s something like three signs clearly explaining that there’s no access for vehicles between these time people seem to think that if the gates open then it’s ok for them to drive along the high street and sound their horn and hurl obscenities and the people who are walking in the middle of the road. Oddly enough the majority of the offenders seem to be the older road user driving Jags, BMWs and high end Mercs. The other type are people driving MPVs, whilst I acknowledge that not all MPV drivers are complete twonks who think they’re above the law, there’s a few who give the decent road users a bad rep. Sometimes I find the whole situation on the high street amusing, there have been times when old folk have almost come to blows over who can and can’t drive along the high street. The best one yet was when a fella, of quite mature years, took it upon himself to run over a sign that was blocking the entrance to the road. When the owner of the sign had a bit of a rant at him he started threatening all manner of things, including fetching his son down to have “words” with the signs owner. Then there was the fella who, realising that he couldn’t drive along the high street, decided to turn his car around and drive the wrong way along the road. When he discovered the gate shut and locked he was going to drive onto the pavement with the intention of squeezing a four and a half feet wide car through a four feet wide gap. When I explained to him that what he was attempting was not only physically impossible but also illegal, he questioned my parental lineage and suggested that I may be an unintelligent copulating habitual masturbator. I was shocked; I never expected to hear such things from a man of the cloth!

After club 40k, ooh that makes it sound a bit saucy, I headed home for tea and Doctor Who, though not in that order, without giving too much away, it’s a bit of a shock ending.

So there you have it, a rant has ranted and I sign off for the night.

Fair thee well all.