Saturday, 29 May 2010

I’m totally sonic me!

Yesterday I took a trip to Dover, headed to Argos to acquire an eleventh Doctors sonic screwdriver. Being successful in my quest I waited at the bus stop for a bus home, I did my usual thing of gazing into the river Dour, watching the brown trout doing its own thing. It’s quite relaxing and I like the Dour, Ok it’s not the tidal estuary it once was but it’s nice to know that the river’s recovering from the pollution of the last century. I’m going to go to Dover again and walk the river from Kearsney to the docks. It’s been many years since I’ve done that, I may even stop off on the way for an ice cream.

I got back home and put the batteries in my new toy and waved it about a bit. It’s well made and seems quite sturdy, considering the target user I guess it should be. Anyway it occurred to me that as I now have replicas of the last three doctors’ screwdrivers, River Song future sonic and the Masters laser screwdriver, I need some sort of display stand for them. So when I arrived at work this morning I set about designing one. The early stages were simple, I have access to a fully kitted out wood work shop. So putting the thing together was no problem. I then had the rather clever idea of making the stand appear to be made from coral, just like the interior of the TARDIS, with the help of one of my colleagues and a couple of scoops of something called bonding coat, which was slapped liberally over the wood and then patted into a roughened finish with a dustpan brush. When it’s painted it should look rather good.

Whist working on my masterpiece I was called out to the courtyard, I found a workmate chatting to a lady from the RSPCA. He mumbled something about a complaint about the goldfish we keep at work, then started chatting to girly about sparrows. At this point I figured that a sparrow had been injured and somebody had called the RSPCA to rescue it, so I went back to what I was doing. A few minutes later I was asked to go speak to the lady about the fish. It turned out my colleague wasn’t joking and there had been a complaint made about them. I was advised to get the two largest fish into a larger tank of their own or get them re-homed to a pond or similar environment. Simple enough, unfortunately when said lady arrived I was preparing to carry out the weekly maintenance on the tank, so it wasn’t looking as pristine as usual which is a shame as the tank is well maintained and the fish look, and are, healthy. The brightness of their colours is a bit of a good indication, and the fact that one of them lost all of its fins through rot only to grow them all back except the tail flukes. Whilst I’m aware that they need a bigger tank, the two larger ones are living in much better conditions than they were. The thing that puzzles me the most is who made the complaint in the first place? It’s obviously someone with more time on their hands than they need, if the only things they have to worry about are a few fish. Well I hope that they’re happy now, the fish bring a great deal of pleasure to the guys, some sit watching them for ages, now they won’t have that little moment. Well done you miserable git! After speaking with the PTB’s it has been decided to re-home the fish completely, I may have convinced the missus to let me have them at her place, and the two big boys may have a pond they can go to, Here’s hoping. Otherwise if any of my readers know of someone who would be up for caring for some well looked after goldfish, contact by leaving your email and I’ll get in touch, or you can email me at the usual address. I’ll post a pic of the tank either tomorrow or Sunday.

Until then, glug, glug, glug.


Tia said...

The walk from Kearsney sounds good. Let us know when, if that's ok with you and we're free, maybe we could join you.

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Surely that should be O, O, O, Hello who are you ?.......... swim, swim, swim............. O, O, O, Hello who are you ?.......... swim, swim, swim............. O, O, O, Hello who are you?

Don't you thin Daddy Steve seeing as fisheys are very stoopid