Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Oh for humps sake SMILE!

I set off for work this morning, a little later than I should, and missed the bus I should be on in order to get there before 9. Oops! I stood waiting for the next one and pondered various things like the weather, what to do about lunch, and whether fringe was recorded last night. The bus arrived and I stepped aboard with my usual joviality, only to be greeted by the most miserable bus driver in the multiverse. I swear if this man had even attempted to point the corners of his mouth upwards, his face really would have broken. He glanced at my pass with the absolute indifference, I’m not even sure he noticed if it was in date. We moved on to the next stop where a lass who was quite easy on the eye got on, told misery guts where she wanted to go, she put her dosh in the tray next to him, he picked it up then virtually threw her change at her. This was more or less repeated for everyone who got on the bus. When I get off the bus I make a point of thanking the driver. Where this chap was concerned, I was half tempted to offer him a handful of my antidepressants and a bottle of vodka. Fortunately they’re not all unpleasant, most of the local drivers are quite amiable and usually have a jolly greeting themselves. I’m sure it’s a taxing job and doubtless it must get quite monotonous, particularly on the local services. They just drive around in a huge circle all day. Captain Grumpy however was coming back from Dover; you’d think that was reason enough to be a bit cheerful. But no, I’m fairly convinced that he spent the rest of the day being his morose old self. If you’re not the sort of person who interacts well with people, why on earth are you doing a job that means you’re doing just that, he probably doesn’t like driving large vehicles either, or handling cash.

In a complete change of rant, I wonder how many people are aware that when they buy a game for their mobile, if they upgrade the phone and they want that game on the new phone, you have to buy the game again. Does this not seem a little unfair? Surely this is a bit like buying a game for an x-box, wanting to play the exact same game on another x-box, but having to buy another copy of the game. It’s a bit of a con really; you buy something but sort of don’t actually own it. Surely these mobile phone companies make enough money from monthly fees and the PAYG services to be able to allow you to transfer a game, you spent good money on, to a phone with the same OS? Yes, I know I’m being a ranty thing but sometimes things infuriate me so much that I feel I have to let off steam, after all isn’t that the point of having a blog?

When I arrived home today I settled down in front the telly for a couple of hours, at about 7ish my phone started going bonkers, the missus was, apparently, desperate to contact me. When I finally got to talk to her she babbled something about someone being on there way up and I was needed there ASAP, oh it’s nice to be wanted. It transpired that the someone who was in Hythe was Eileen from TLDR, this meant only one of two things, A: something was drastically wrong with Molly or B: we were about to have extra canine company. Given the fact that Tea wasn’t blubbing like a blubby thing, it was clear that Molly was OK. I guess the arrival of a dog was imminent. Oh joy, I headed up this hill, and less than ten minutes after I got home2, Eileen arrived with Harry, a wire haired Jack Russell, he’s staying for a day or two until a permanent foster can be found. Harry is about 18 months old, very cute and, I suspect, part Tigger. Bouncy isn’t the word for it, he went into the garden for a, well what dogs tend to do in the garden, and was up and down like a mad thing. At one point he jumped sideways over the low wall onto the grass. He needs a lot of exercise but he’s very sociable and affectionate. There’s a pic on this blog to show his royal cuteness off. So if any of my readers know of anyone who can offer a loving home to a very friendly young pup, please get in touch and let me know and I’ll put them in touch with TLDR.


Fringe didn’t record by the way, I think it got replaced by the final episode of lost, something I plan to watch, even if only to see how it all ends.

That’s about all for now, thank you for reading.




Sue Banks said...

Oh he is gorgeous.
Must be a Bajoran dog.

Tea said...

I would agree with that