Friday, 27 August 2010

Insert title here,

With less than twenty four hours until we take to our sleeping bags for a night under canvas, I am quite looking forward to sitting round a camp fire sipping port and noshing on bananas with chocolate buttons melted in them. All manner of silliness will ensue, hopefully we’ll have clear skies for a spot of naked eye astronomy and satellite spotting, and then over to the pond for a bit of bait drowning, otherwise known as fishing.


Just entered the bad books because I refused to despatch a rather large arachnid.

Anyway, I digress. The last time I slept in a tent was my last visit to Lyme Regis, which is also when I broke my toe. It did smart and there were some choice words, none of which can be written here.

When we return home on Sunday we will have the company of an old friend who’s visiting from Northshire, there are also plans to do a bit of shopping on Monday, if Trudes has the strength I shall treat her to the fancy coffee doodad that she likes; I shall have an iced vanilla milkshake thing.

I should think that treats will be unlikely as I shall no doubt be having a few too many whilst camping, when we get back to sillyvisation I shall be back on tub watch. The current status is another kilo lost and 0.4% total body fat has been dropped, I do hope nobody slips over on it. The next big milestone is Trudes return to the hospital for, what is hoped to be, the last instalment of lump watch. If all has gone well we shall be celebrating, I don’t yet know how, and then we can concentrate on getting my brave wife to be strong and healthy and getting our wedding plans off the ground.

I think we’re both agreed on a quiet affair with just a few close friends and family, suits me as long as it’s what Trudes wants.

I saw my boy for the first time in months on Wednesday, he asked if he could come up for a visit, I explained that he doesn’t need to ask, he just needs to let us know that he’s on his way. Even if he only gives us a couple of hour’s notice of his imminent arrival, I’m sure Trudes will have no objections. It will be brilliant to spend some quality time with him, he’s grown so much. He’s six foot two and stick thin, the sod! But his character hasn’t changed a bit. I’m sure him and Trudes will get on like a house on fire, no doubt at my expense. He’ll probably give her loads of ammo with to have a giggle at me with, and I don’t doubt that by the time he leaves we will have very sore side from the jokes and silly stories. This is the main reason I’m trying my hardest to keep Trudes and one of my oldest friends separate. If laughter is the best medicine, then Stu can cure Trudes of anything. Of course it comes with a price, namely my total humiliation, light hearted of course, but if anyone person can reduce me to a babbling wreck with tales from the days of my roguish youth, Mr Green is the man, and oh lord does he have some tales. I expect that some of the guys that we’ll be spending the weekend with will all have an embarrassing tale about me to share with T. Should be a laugh though.

So, until Monday when I report back from camping, I bid you farewell.