Saturday, 30 October 2010

I have discovered the location of hell!

It’s in the middle of Folkestone town centre, just south of the bus station. I’ll explain more in a bit, that’ll keep you reading to the end!

I was up early this morning, Richie had to go see the vet so we were out of the house at half eight. we got the bus down, bless the pup, he doesn’t like travelling although he wasn’t too bad, he started complaining quite loudly when we stopped for a couple of minutes at Waitrose in Hythe. We were a bit early getting to the vet so we had a bit of a stroll before going in. Rich was very well behaved for the vetess, he let her pull, poke and prod him as she needed and he just let her get on with it. she asked about his cough, it’s due to the problems with his heart, and I explained that since he was put on the extra meds, his cough is nowhere near as regular as it was. when he first came to us he would cough a couple of times every hour or so, now he can go a few days without coughing and even then we only get two or three. all things considered his heart beat is good, although quite erratic, but he has a good quality of life and that’s the important thing. all the while he’s as healthy as he can be we have nothing to worry about. I also think the addition of a new member of the family has helped him to calm down a bit. last night, Friday, we had a knock at the door and he did the whole GRRR woof woof thing, in dog language I think it means “Oi a big mean bum biting dog lives here so watch it!” of course he’s not. he’s a small cute pup with breath that could strip paint. the new addition a a very adorable Yorkie named Ronnie. She’s 6(ish) and is very quiet and just a little timid. She’s a rescue and we don’t know her full history but we suspect she may have been used as a breeder. I’m sure that it wont be long before she figures out that Trudes and me are total push overs and she has us wrapped around her dainty little paw. Oh who am I kidding, she already has where I’m concerned! She has the sweetest little face and I’m sure that anyone who meets her will think she’s a real cutie.






As you can see, she’s a very dainty little lass who is going to need a great deal of TLC, well we have loads of that and there’s plenty for the two pups to share, plus a little extra for friends and relatives.

I’ve taken myself off Facebook for a little while, I just feel that I’m spending too much time on it and not focussing on other stuff. I have a ton of miniatures to paint and facebook was one of the many things holding me back in that area. In hind sight I should have let my friends know that I was deactivating for a while, particularly as one of them thought i was dead and a few are a bit worried. herself has suggested that I simply reactivate it, but I’m not so sure as I want to.

Anyway, hell! hell is now located in Folkestone’s ASDA, I went shopping after getting back from the vets, what was I thinking? The place was full of gaping jawed halfwits, if we were in the US I'd be able to use the term “slack jawed yokels” but I'm sure you know the type of person I mean. If it isn’t the brain dead savants getting in my way, it’s all the mothers with pushchairs who have decided to set up a crèche in the middle of the frozen food aisle and are now having an in depth discussion on the best way to potty train a 1 year old. if the gormless shoppers aren’t bad enough, the tobacco counter has a queue that’s almost out of the shop, there’s two badly trained monkeys working it, well, I say working but i mean having a chat about last night out to the local cattle market, read night club, and whether or not they were going to be sober enough to successfully snog a member of their own species, puts a whole new spin on going to the fag counter, todays fag count was 2!

I’m hoping to get out in the garden with the Meade for a while tonight, of course it depends on cloud coverage. so that’s it for the moment, I’m off to the loft, we have a water tank that wont behave so I’m going to bash it with something heavy!


ta ta