Saturday, 6 November 2010

Walk tall, carry a big stick

It’s actually been quite an uneventful week, work has been good and I hope it stays that way.

Ronnii has settled in very well, she’s snuggled up beside me as I type, bless her! Richie has taken the whole situation well too, he comes looking for her in the morning to lead her to the garden and she lets him think he has the alpha male status by letting take the lead role when they go for a stroll.

I managed to get hold of a 3x Barlow lens for the Meade, after trawling the web in search of one and ordering one online, only to be informed that the online store I tried to get one from doesn’t actually stack Meade accessories, that being the case why the heck do they advertise them on the site? I finally tracked one down to a small shop in Hythe which although they no longer stack Meade stuff they had one or two items left, one of which was the part I wanted. Huzzah!

Unfortunately the weather’s not been very accommodating and since I acquired the part I haven’t had a single clear night. Insert expletive here! Never mind though, it’s not as if the universe is going anywhere.

I’m off to the shop tomorrow; I’m hoping that Smiffy will drop in so that we can arrange a painting evening or, perhaps, a gaming session. Hopefully we’ll be able to arrange it for when I have some leave so as then I won’t have to worry about an early night. Apparently he’s got some new models that will make excellent cannon fodder.

Sunday should, with luck, be a quiet day and I can catch up on stuff that I’ve recorded over the last couple of days, I’m going to try getting up early and letting Tea have a lie in, she starts yet another course of chemo on Monday so I want to make sure that her day is as restful as possible, best laid plans and all that.

I had the good fortune to spend a few hours in the company of some good friends on Tuesday night, it was nice to catch up and enjoy a spot of good old fashioned trek, well DS9!

I wonder if any of my readers watched any of the paranormal program that was broadcast on living TV over the Halloween weekend. I never thought I’d say this but Most Haunted was gripping stuff in comparison. I forced myself to sit through an hour in the hope that something interesting would happen but no. If it gets another run, I shall avoid it. I would still very much like to be involved in some form of serious paranormal investigation, I’m sure I could do a better job than the so called experts that were involved in the weekends trite.

Well I’m done for the night, up early to head down to Hythe so I shall leave you to ponder these words.




Sue Banks said...

Was it the 'Live Ghost Hunters' you watched? I have read that it was pants but sadly it seems that most of these shows are now awful. I think they might start off being genuine investigators but TV takes over and truth departs.

Sue Banks said...

Oh and DS9 was always one of my favourites. I would have loved to see that. Happy times.

Manky Badger said...

Most haunted - did anything come of that "Ghost Club" we were talking about?