Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Peeps, pups and Vikings

It’s been an odd weekend, Friday was very busy for herself, she went shopping for the grub for Saturday, I got invited to go into Folkestone for a few beers with some bloomin’ good mates. I must admit that I felt a bit of a heel at the thought of leaving herself to sort everything out, but she pointed out that she would probably get on with things if I weren’t getting in her way. Taking this as a cue to leave her to get on with it, I got the next bus down and made my way to Chambers. They were holding their annual beer festival, the first drink of the day was a (not very) lemon cider, to be honest I don’t really like cider much; I used to drink it a lot in my younger days, so it didn’t really grab me. My second drink was a pint of Strawberry Fruli, this stuff is incredible. It can only be described as a melted strawberry mivvi that has fermented just a little bit to become a strawberry flavoured lager, I say strawberry flavoured, what I mean is, being clouted firmly around the head with a punnet of strawberries that has cunningly been disguised as an alcoholic drink, you really can’t taste the alcohol. It was then decided to head down to the Pullman, a place that I haven’t been to for many years, mainly based on the reputation that the pub had, it was always a bit of a chav bin. Fortunately the reputation has been lost and it seems to be a decent place to sit and chat whilst enjoying a pint. I was studying the pump labels when it was pointed out to me that they sold my favourite beer, Doombar. I have to admit that I really like this ale, so I had a pint. We headed into the beer garden where we sat and talked and told lame jokes, and I had another half of DB. All too soon the afternoon came to an end and I headed home.

Saturday morning I woke with a start, quite literally as herself came bursting into my room, loudly informing me that it was five to nine, she scared the pants of me, well my PJ’s actually. I let out a bit of a yell, although she says I screamed like a girl. To that I say PAH! Last minute sorting was done in anticipation of the arrival of Clare, Neil and their pups JD and Max. They arrived at eleven and we had a cuppa and Clare handed Trudes a bag full of goodies, at we point she got all blubby, the great girl! Ronnii was extremely well behaved, she only growled a little bit, the most surprising of these was when Clare tried to help Ronnii onto the sofa, I can only put it down to the fact that there was new people and two strange pups in the house. JD & Max are lovely pups and so different, JD was content to lay on the sofa and take in all the events going on around him, A quiet retiring little chap but not unfriendly, in fact quite the opposite. Max on the other hand is very curious and explored the house and garden and followed Ronnii everywhere, but he too is very friendly and gentle. Trudes bought out some frozen yoghurt and peanut butter treats for the pups and the Schnauzers tucked straight in, Max made very short work of his and realising that his brother appeared to be having difficulties, he offered to help. JD didn’t bat an eyelid, he just looked at Max nicking his treat and let him get on with it. The treat was retrieved and put back in JDs’ bowl and he wasted no time in preventing Max from having another go at pilfering his treat. Shortly after this the pups were treated to a slice of Ronniis birthday cake. It was quite a remarkable looking thing, if you weren’t told that it was made specifically for dogs you wouldn’t have known, it looked quite yummy and our two canine guests soon cleared their bowls. Sadly Clare, Neil and the pups had to leave and set off back to Clacton. It was so nice to meet them all, I was impressed by the good behaviour of the pups and Clare and Neil are extremely nice people, it was a bit saddening to see them leave.

Later that day a contingent of friends from Folkestone and Ashford arrived, and we had a good time chatting and enjoying the sun. A friend from Dover also dropped in and it was nice to see him, even if he has had an extreme haircut.

The time that we spent with our friends was far too short over the weekend and the house was restored to just Trudes, me and Ronnii, so she said that I could watch Doctor Who. I’d been looking forward to this for about two months, and for me it wasn’t disappointment. The episode started off with a bang and delivered the highs and lows we have come to expect from the series, I can’t wait to see the next episode.

Sunday was nice and relaxed; herself had gone off to Thame for a dog show and to catch up with friends from the rescue. I stayed at home with Ronnii and caught up with a few hours of mind numbing TV and sleep on the sofa snuggled up with my pup, bless her!

Monday was very quiet, Trudes was recovering from the excitement of the dog show, fortunately she had a brilliant time, but it had worn her out somewhat. I had been invited to see Thor with a couple of mates on Monday night, it was a last minute thing as I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to afford it, but my sweet missus had kept some cash by so that I could go, aint she lovely!

The film was good and I recommend it, but I can’t say too much except that the lads will like it because it’s yet another comic book adaptation and the girls will like it because the chap who plays Thor is, well let’s just say that he has serious on screen presence. Oh yeah, Anthony Hopkins id brilliant as Odin!

So that was my weekend, Friends old and new, adorable pups and Norse gods.