Friday, 22 April 2011

Free time….

It’s still very strange in the house, but things are not too bad. I miss Richie terribly but I will come to terms with him not being here. Smiffy came up on Wednesday for a spot of painting, he commented on how quiet his welcome was, I guess that anyone who regularly visited the house will notice Richies absence for a while.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent at work after a two day break, and we then went into a four day weekend for Easter. I’m looking forward to this weekend as we will be having a few friends over for a celebration of Richie and Ronniis birthdays and our sweet little Molly Popples A fitting way to remember the pups that we have had the pleasure of welcoming into our homes over the last year.

Friday was reasonably hectic, herself was up before me and set about making preparations for the weekend, a trip into town for supplies was in order. I set about sprucing up the bathroom and washing and filling a paddling pool. I then got a call from my bro’ asking if I would be joining him and other friends at Chambers for a couple of beers. I initially declined as this would mean that Trudes would be left to do the sorting on her own. Herself had a different view on this and she said that if I went out I wouldn’t be getting in her way and she would probably make better progress with me out of her way. So I headed into town to catch up with some good friends and have a couple of pints. The first was a half of a not unpleasant lemon cider, although not overwhelming in the lemon department it was rather refreshing. After that I had the obligitary pint of Frulli, a strawberry lager that is extremely nice and is one of the few lagers I could happily spend the day drinking. We left Chambers and headed down to the Pullman, I thought it had closed, fortunately I was wrong. A quick glance at the tap badges and I was very pleased to see that they had Doom Bar on tap oh sweet joy! Those of you who know me well will be aware that this is my favourite ale, describing it as delicious does not do it any justice at all. All to soon the afternoon drew to a close and we headed our separate ways. some to Ashford, some staying in town and little old me heading home on a bus, well eventually, I had to wait half an hour for the bus.

There’s a few last minute things to do before the big event, one of which is to bath Ronnii so that she is all sweet and shiny for her day.

Sunday will see herself head off to Thame with a friend to attend a dog show, I’m a little worried that she may not come back empty handed, I know there are going to be some wonderful pups there and she’ll have trouble not ‘napping a couple, as for me, well with herself away and it being just me and Ronnii, I shall make the most of the day and spend the time walking my pup and painting models.

I’m not sure about Monday yet, I do know that I may have to avoid the net for most of Saturday to avoid spoilers, herself has said that she has no problem with me watching the Doc on Sunday whilst she’s away, so that’s something else I can look forward to, although there is one cloud over the Doctors return and that is the loss of Elisabeth Sladen earlier in the week, the beeb has announced that there will be a fitting tribute to her on Saturday night. I had the good fortune to meet her twice. The first was at a convention in London and the second was at the SFX weekender in February last year. She was very warm and friendly and chatted to everyone that waited to meet her and for the whole time I was in the line up I never saw her looked dismayed or downhearted at having to shake the hand of yet another fan, I also saw her interaction with Tom Baker and you could clearly see that the two were great friends.

I’ll let you know how the weekend goes and my thoughts on Impossible Astronaut, until then enjoy your weekend and don’t stay in the sun too long.