Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Middle aged meanderings!

It’s strange how these things affect us, when Molly left us I was totally devastated and could hardly stop blubbing, Richie has been gone just over a day and although my heart hangs heavy, I’m not blubbing quite as much. Trudes says it’s because we have Ronnii and didn’t have to face the silence of a dogless home this time, maybe she’s right. Trudes got home from the vets and she said that Richie’s passing was very calm and quiet, he didn’t complain and just fell asleep in her arms and drifted away. I’m so pleased that our little man suffered as little as possible in the end. I think it also has a lot to do with the vet that he saw, Anthony is such a gentle man, one of those types that is doing his job because he care about the animals he sees rather than that they are just a down payment on a posh car*. He treated Molly with respect and dignity at her end and Trudes said that he was just the same with Richie. He went so far as to alter his schedule so that he would be the one to help Richie on his way.

The house is very different without him, Richie that is, not the vet, that would be odd. Last night Trudes was about to ask if I’d given him his tablets, she stopped herself when she realised, for me it’s walking him that I really miss, he would stop and check the smells on everything, lamp posts, trees, bushes, Ronniis butt! I couldn’t help but have a giggle at the way he would spin around before setting to his business. The annoying way he would bark as loud as he could when he saw another dog. Ronnii and I had our first walk without him last night, I am sure she misses him sticking his nose up her bottom or shoving her to one side for the best pee spot. we’d probably got halfway on our usual route when she stopped and sniffed the air then she looked around with a quizzical “something’s missing” look about her, she then gave a dismissive shake of the head and we continued on our way, a few steps later she stopped again. this time she walked around me almost searching for our lost companion. Ronnii’s spent he morning today wandering from the front room to the kitchen and back and occasionally coming over to me or Trudes all at a loss. She definitely senses that something’s not right.

For the afternoon we headed into town and walked down to the harbour, where we, the human members of our party, had a cuppa and a packet of crisps, the pup had to settle for a dish of water and a cookie that she found rather distasteful, something that Trudes confirmed apparently £1.10 was a bit over priced. After the cuppa we headed down to a, not quite as crowded as the rest of the beach, corner where Trudes rid herself of her stylish yet affordable shoes, took Ronniis lead from me and marched into the sea with little miss fluffy butt close behind, as the waves lapped at Ronniis little furry paws she did what any dog would do in that situation and sat down. She now had a soggy bottom to match her soggy feet. After the paddle we headed back to get some chips whilst Ronnii took in the sights and piscine aroma wafting from the various fish mongers on the harbour. We headed home and had to be collected by the friend that was visiting, she was supposed to arrive at 3 but came fifteen minutes early. We spent the next hour or so catching up on events since we last met up and then she and her little lady headed off. I headed down to check on a feline friend, I was rather surprised to learn that Ronnii was not completely worn out after the mornings stroll and was desperate to join me. It turns out That she does seem to get on with cats and Obi took quite a shine to her, there was head butting which is always a good sign.

The next thing that will be different for me will be coming back from work, I won’t have captain shouty welcome me home with woofs and wags, Ronnii may be excitable but the shouting won’t be there.

We’re also having company tomorrow evening, Smiffy’s due over for an evening of painting, that’s something to look forward to.

I’m back at work for two days and then of for the Easter holiday, there’s a slight chance that Trudes may be away for the day on Sunday, she’s asked if I would like to go along but I wonder whether it may be good to let her have the time out.

It’s a few days away yet and you never know I may change my mind, I do that from time to time.

Anyways, ta ta for now.