Sunday, 17 April 2011

What to do?

it’s been a quiet couple of weeks, I had Monday and Tuesday off last week. Monday was herselfs birthday so I took the day off so that I could ensure that she had a nice relaxing day. Her plan of a lay in was scuppered when I took her tea, toast and pressies at 09:30. You can find out what her pressies were on her blog. I nipped into town to grab a bit of shopping, where I picked up two cakes. one being a simple chocolate sponge with cream filling, the other being a rather special chocolate cake. When I returned from the town I offered the birthday girl a cup of tea and stuck a couple of candles in the first cake. I sang her the standard birthday song and as I put the cake in front of her I mentioned that it was a bargain as it only cost a quid. that evening two close friends came to wish Tea a happy birthday, I offered tea and cake, as you do! This time I bought out the posh cake, although herself claimed that she was wise to my ruse I think she was rather surprised. Ronnii, our Yorkshire Terrier, was due do have a “routine” operation at the vets Tuesday morning. This time herself got her lay in as I left for the vets at ten past eight and didn’t return home until just after 10:00. I made myself a cuppa and put some coffee on for the missus. no sooner was the tea on the table when my phone rang. It was the vet asking if Ronnii had been sick in the morning, I told her that she hadn’t and that she was in good health when we set off to Hythe. I was told that the little madam had been sick three times since I left her and as a result she may not be having her op, the nice lady from the vet said that she would have a word with the chap who would be doing her surgery and see what he suggested. a few minutes later nice lady rang back saying that the dogtor was not happy to operate on Ronnii in case there was something wrong and he didn’t want to put her at risk. So I set off to collect her. This was done and I thought that I’d wander her along to the shop to assess how she was. would you believe the little minx was absolutely fine and walked along the high street with no problems, one elderly gent did mention how amusing it is to see a big chap like me being controlled by a small pup like her, I chatted with him for a minute or two about how special Ronnii is and how I have no problems walking a small floofy dog. Since little Molly Popples I have certainly become a small dog man.

The weekend was relatively quiet, Friday we heard some excellent news about a situation that my closest friend has been dealing with, it has now been resolved and, hopefully, the whole debacle can be put away and the parties involved can move on. I certainly hope so.

I was at the shop for Saturday and Sunday, but the events there can be read about on the Hythe Tyrant blog.

I got home on Sunday to discover that Richie had been very difficult throughout the day, we suspect that he may have the doggie equvivalent of dementia, this does actually tie in with the heart problem. Since his heart is not working too well he may not be getting enough oxygen to his brain which would cause the symptoms Trudes has described to me. He’s getting very forgetful and when he goes out to the garden he stands still as though he’s trying to remember where he is, she has also said that he wakes up in the night and looks at her with a sort of “who are you?” expression on his face. She says that he also comes downstairs in a way that seems he’s checking the place to remind himself of where he is.

I have noticed it more over the last week or so and each day it seems that a little bit more of our little man has gone. We knew when we fostered him that we would have a limited time, but that doesn’t make it any easier. When Richie first came to us we had not long said goodbye to Molly and I tried very hard to keep a distance between me and him. It didn’t work, by the end of the first week he was well and truly ensconced in our lives.

Ronnii and I are off to Hythe to have another go at getting her whowhoectomy done. This time I’m going to stay with her until she has had the pre-med and then once she has dozed off they can take her off and do what needs to be done. We suspect that she may have been ill at the vets because she had become distressed at being left at the vets, on her first night with us she was very sick and we took her down to meet Anthony and introduce her to the people that would be providing her vet care, she had a tummy bug and other than that she was a very healthy dog. We’ve had a few scares with her, the most worrying was the semi-necrotic polyp, but she sorted that herself the grim little monster. I have to be honest and say that I’m worried about the operation, when we took adopted Ronnii we were told that she was about five or six, our vet has since examined her more thoroughly and has determined that she is closer to ten maybe eleven, this means that there is a higher risk involved in what would be a routine procedure. The problem with keeping pets is that we get attached and grieve when we lose them, but I don’t think that our house would be a home without at least one dog scampering around.

So I’m off work for Monday and Tuesday again so that I can take Ronnii down to Hythe and  and keep a watchful eye on her whilst Trudes goes into town should she need to. If I get chance I may paint but I may just sit quietly and read a book.

We may also use the time that I’m home on Tuesday to prepare the house for Saturday as we will be having a few friends over throughout the day as we’ve planned to celebrate the pups birthdays, plus a certain temporal travelling medic returns to our screens on the same day, but that my have to wait until later in the day or even the next. Since there’s also a possibility that herself is off to Northshire on Sunday we may not get to watch it until the following Monday, but that’s a bank holiday so if I avoid the net and contact with humans I can avoid spoilers.

I’ll keep you posted on the situation with Richie

keep smiling