Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exercise is good for, apparently

Yes I know it’s been a while but things have been a bit up and down of late, herself has been very poorly after more radiotherapy and I’ve been a bit lacking in motivation. We returned to the Western Heights a week ago.

On the Saturday before I was at the shop and struggling with the early stages of a bit of a cold. I played a quick game, which I won, and then Sue ordered me to go home based on her conclusion that I looked like I had recently died. So I did as I was told, a rarity for me, and headed home. Upon arrival I told herself that I was being pursued by the grim reaper and was going to bed. I have a rather odd immune system, A streaming cold usually results in me being out of action for a day or two, I went to bed and slept for a few hours. I woke up feeling groggy, herself gave me some pills before I went off. I rose at about 19:00 and joined herself in the front room. I continued to rest on the sofa and we had a relaxing evening. I went back to bed a bit later, took a couple more tablets and settled for the night wrapped up. by the morning almost all signs of the previous days malady had gone and I got a text from the Manky one saying that they’d be collecting me at 10:30. they arrived and we headed down to Cassa del Lukey to collect the rest of the party and then off to dover.

When we arrived at Saint Martins car park and were informed that a hole had been discovered, more info was soon forth coming. Apparently the hole was only big enough for the tiny girly type that was in attendance to squeeze into. We headed off to investigate, my response to the earlier assessment of it only being big enough for the girly types was a resounding PAH! In I went. Having spent my formative years curtailing the best efforts of girly types to join our group of young ne’er do-wells in our explorations of all thing Napoleonic, I wasn’t going to let a girly type get one over on me by exploring without me, it could be dangerous and there may be spiders and other things that make the girly types scream as they activate scaredy-cat mode. We spent about fifteen minutes exploring some rather spectacular passages and rooms and then we headed over to Saint Martins Deep Shelter as a few of the party hadn’t been there before. I never get tired of visiting the Heights and, hopefully, I never will.

Once we exited the Deep Shelter we headed over to the Redoubt. The place is as spectacular as I remember. It must be at least twenty years since I last visited the fort and it’s as grand as I recall. The Western Heights Preservation Society have done some brilliant work in restoring the place to it’s former glory. There was some chaps doing re-enactment who were equipped with muskets, they are rather loud. and the representatives of WHPS were on hand to answer questions about the fort.

We spent a good few hours there watching various displays of life as a British soldier during the Napoleonic wars before heading over to the grand shaft, which we descended with gusto, the problem was that once we reached the bottom, we had to climb back up. By the time I reached the top I was knackered. My knees were rather angry with me for making them climb up 150 steps, and they weren’t overly impressed with the fact that I had to climb more to return to the car park.

Despite the climbing of stairs and the deafening booms of the muskets, it was a fantastic day out. I looked over at the castle from the ramparts of the Redoubt and felt a longing to return to Dover Castle. I must chat with the chaps about it and get something planned.

Thursday 27th saw an impromptu trip to the shop to collect this months copy of White Dwarf, I’ve been looking forward to this issue more than any other this last year as it features the details of the new Necron models and codex. Something that has been long overdue since fifth edition was released. I know that I have a separate blog for the gaming events but the new Necron release is rather special, I shall be nipping down on Thursday to collect my order so that I can, with luck, have the new models painted and the new rules committed to memory in time for the next adult gaming day. It’s on the 20th November so I’ll have two and a bit weeks.

I was down at the shop again on Saturday, I played what could well be the last game I play with the Necrons using the old codex, I went up against Tau and won, huzzah.

Sunday saw me and five of my friends set off along the shore towards Samphire Hoe which lies between Dover and Folkestone, we managed to get about three quarters of the way there before we were blocked by the sea as it hadn’t quite gone out enough to allow us to walk along the final stretch. So we stopped for a spot of lunch before heading back.

On the way one of our number noticed a hole in the cliff, I don’t know how high up it actually is but it’s certainly higher than a three storey house. We reach the point on the walk near the hole, I gave it some careful thought and consideration and started to scramble up the cliff. I managed to get to a point that was probably twenty feet away from the hole. I couldn’t see a suitably safe path that would take me up to the hole so I decided to turn back. I probably took three steps away from the hole when it occurred to me that I was so close, how difficult could it be to cover the last stretch? So I spun on my heels and set off in an effort to reach the hole, surprisingly I made it! The tunnel I was stood in the entrance of was probably about ten feet high eight feet wide, it appeared to go back some distance. The entrance also house a six feet around steel tube that turned out to be a drain sluice. Well I figured I’d gotten this far so I might as well take a look inside the tunnel. I scrambled past the steel tube and headed along the passage. I had no idea what the tunnel was or where it went. As I progressed I felt the pressure in the tunnel change, “that was odd” thought I, but I continued in. I then started to hear a rumbling noise, I thought at first that it was just the sea being amplified, oh how wrong I was. suddenly the rumbling turned into a roar as a train screamed past the opposite end of the tunnel. I now realised what the tunnel is, it’s an old access passage for the Abbotts Cliff section of the railway line between Dover and Folkestone. Deciding that there was no point exploring any further I made my way out of the tunnel to find that Chippy had ascended the cliff in order to make sure that I was ok, apparently I’d been in the hole for ten minutes. It really didn’t seem that long, more like five.

I started my climb back down the cliff and I have to admit it was much easier getting up, I had a couple of worrying moments where I lost my footing or slipped on the clay of the cliff, but I made it down unharmed so all was well in the end. After we left the tunnel we headed back to the sea wall, shortly after we were back on stable ground we stopped for a short break and I swear I saw a penguin, it was only a little one but I’m certain it was a penguin. The chaps didn’t believe me and mocked me about it for the rest of the walk, but they can mock all they want, there so was a penguin, so there!

Eventually we made our way back to the East Cliff Pavilion and back to chez Lukey for a well deserved cuppa.

So there it is, an eventful week full of fun and excitement, I think the outings will be put on hold now until the warmer weather returns. (he says trying to sound all sensible)

Until next time…