Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A bad day

Every now and then I have to go to a gym, not to do rubbish exercises, it’s a work activity, a few months ago I was going along quite regularly and getting weighed every two weeks. I managed to shed about three stones, quite an achievement for me I thought. Many of my friends have noticed a reduction in my size and my clothes are noticeably looser. Today I went back to the gym for the first time since March and got on the scales, I was a bit annoyed to learn that I’ve gained half a stone. One of my mates has signed up to a site that helps you track the calorific intake and exercise you do. It’s a well known fact that me and exercise aren’t the best of mates but I think I need to start doing a bit more. According to the blurb that healthy types blabber on about, doing 30 minutes of light exercise that gets you slightly out of breath will help you get closer to an ideal weight. So tomorrow is, with the best of intentions, the start of a new regime. I plan to walk home after work, From work to home is approximately 1.5 miles and should take about half an hour, so that should do the trick. I’ve signed up to the same web site to aid in my efforts so all I need to do now is find the will power to stick to my guns regarding the calorie intake. If I’m honest, that’s where I’ll struggle. I have a very sweet tooth and a tendency to over do things where cake is concerned so I think the thing to do here is avoid the cakes all together. Whilst I’m happy to walk home after work I don’t fancy the idea of walking home in the rain, I want to lose a bit of weight, not contract double manflumonia.

On a more serious note our little Ujio headed off to Ashford via the lukeymobile this morning, he’s, Uji not Lukey, off to have an operation called a Femoral Head and Neck Excision, basically the ball on the top end of his femur is being removed. It sounds horrid and I don’t doubt that it is. Because of the seriousness of the op, Uji will be staying in Ashford overnight and Sue will be taking us to collect him if he’s allowed home tomorrow. Herself called the vet earlier and was told that he’s had the op and it she was told that the procedure had gone well and to give them another ring a bit later for a more detailed update. The good news is that he’s up and about and walking on three legs, he’s had a howl and had something to eat and drink. All very good signs that he’s doing ok and he should be home tomorrow, even if only because of the howls. I’m sure he’ll be up to no good and bothering his sisters in no time. Plus herself will be able to relax when he’s back where he belongs.

So with Uji doing well, Ronnii bathed and Izzy looking longingly at herself in the hope of a pickled onion Monster Munch, I shall leave it there.




Manky Badger said...

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