Monday, 27 February 2012

So, how’s your week been?

I don’t quite know where to start, not a great has happened for most of February, that is until the 19th. A group of friends and myself decided we’d storm Dover castle. Our first port of call, after paying for the tickets, was the Operation Dynamo tunnels, They’ve recently been renovated and there’s a different entrance and the tour is guided by a disembodied voice that tells you where to go, between the mutterings of the cockerknee soldier we were given a brief history of the tunnels by our real guide. My only real problem with the English Heritage guides is that they work from a script and generally only know what they taught as part of their job, the chap taking us around Operation Dynamo was a little more willing to discuss the little known facts about the tunnels beneath the castle. During our tour we were teased by signs that indicated the DUMPY level was just through that door or just down that flight of stairs. I was tempted to ask if we could get a sneaky peek at the level below but I suspect he may have told me to stop being so daft. One thing that I did learn was that the meaning of DUMPY that I’d grown up knowing to be the correct one may not actually be the case. I’d always believe that DUMPY stood for Deep Underground Military Position Yellow, after chatting with our guide it may be that DUMPY is a welsh mining term or even the level where stuff was dumped. I don’t buy into either of them and I’ll stick with the one I know. After the Dynamo tunnels we visited the hospital tunnels before heading of to the Great tower and running up and down spiral stair cases like a bunch of mad things, I do like Dover Castle and can’t wait for a chance to visit again.

I had a blood test on the Tuesday before and last Wednesday I gave the doctors a call to see if the results were back, they were and I have to go and see him on Monday morning as there appears to be something wrong with my liver, oh well!

Friday 24th saw the monthly trip to Woodchurch and the Astro club. I got rather annoyed on this visit because after the first half talk I nipped outside and saw that the sky was wonderfully clear. Oh joy thought I, and began setting up my scope for what I hoped would be a good evening of seeing the Orion Nebula, The Crab Nebula, Mars and Jupiter. Once I had the scope set up and ready to go I looked up to choose my first alignment star to be greeted by cloud, albeit a little dispersed and having a few gaps, but cloud none the less. After a futile ten minutes I gave the whole thing up as a loss and packed the scope away. There had better be at least one good night when I can get the scope out before it’s too late for Orion and I have to wait another eight months.

Yesterday was a shop day, Warhammer 40000 is 25 years old this year and we wanted to do something to celebrate, I rather stupidly suggested that I had a go at painting a Space Marine in 25 minutes. I managed 24 and a half, but I’m not happy with the end result, I think a 2 year old chimp could do better by spitting the paint at a model.

Sunday was a quiet day, herself went off to spend the day with her lad, I spent the day day with the pups watching rubbish telly and cleaning out the Percy bird, bless him.

Sunday evening was Top Gear and Being Human, I don’t doubt that people that disapprove of there being anything that mocks our nanny state with health & safety running everything will lodge complaints about the sketch that featured driving whilst sewing on a button and driving whilst in a sleeping bag. I’m sure that anyone who thinks that’s a good idea or attempts to drive to work in a sleeping bag is an idiot and would be doing the gene pool a favour by removing themselves from it. I like Top Gear and I enjoy the rantings of Clarkson and his cohorts, and I see the program for exactly what it is. big boys and over priced toys and a chance for us to all be a little stupid.

well that’s it for now, I’ve had a rant and no doubt my confession that I like Top Gear and, now and then, I agree with the views of the presenters, will probably raise a few complaints, it’ll be a first as I’ve only ever had one complaint about my blog and that was about my cats lack of DIY skills. Actually he managed to put up a new dido rail and hang a door to the kitchen rather well, and given his lack of opposable thumbs it was quite impressive to watch, when the weather gets warmer I may let him build an extension on the kitchen, clever kitty!