Thursday, 29 March 2012

Life is a little emptier today!

As many of you know I am extremely soppy where animals are concerned, especially my own. The thought of any of them being poorly or in pain fills me with worry and I become a complete wreck. Well today has been one of those days. Ronnii, our Yorkie, was being treated for a collapsing trachea and as a result she had developed a rather worrying cough, she also had a heart murmur. These conditions eventually led to Ronnii having congestive heart failure, today the ailments finally became a bit too much for my sweet little diva dog to cope with and she decided that it was time for her to head over the rainbow bridge to be with Richie an Molly Pops. This morning she was rushed to the vet and given a course of meds that would hopefully slow down the heart failure and she would improve. Sadly, as the day progressed Ronnii worsened and by 19:30 this evening she was having difficulty breathing and this was making her more stressed taking a very heavy toll on her heart. I rang the vet hospital and explained the situation and I was told to bring her to the hospital, since the hospital’s in Ashford and I don’t drive I called for the help of my bro who rushed to our aid and took my little golden princess and her wonderful momma to the vet. it was there that the decision was made that her chances were not good and it would be in her best interest to ease her pain and send off to be with her brother and sister. So our house in a solemn one tonight, there will no more bouncing for a stroll or moaning to be on the sofa with me, one less wagging tail when I come home and I will no longer have a fluffy golden belly that is in urgent need of a rub first thing in the morning.

Despite the pain that fills my chest I can know that the last eighteen months of Ronniis life were without doubt the best she had. She was loved and adores by all who met her and I have some wonderful memories of her. From the first day she was with us and she threw up on my bed, her floofy little bottom waddling behind me as she followed me around Bowood in the summer and how she would roll onto her back demanding a belly rub.

Ronni was is the sweetest pup a chap could have ever wanted, I have been truly blessed to have had two perfect little Yorkshire Terriers in my life, both of which will always be forever in my heart.

So I close this with tears in my eyes and a pain in my chest as I say goodbye to my Princess Ronnii Rokkit Diva Dog, run free my sweet girl, I will love you always.