Saturday, 26 September 2009

auto destruct sequence initiated

Was at the shop today, work has seriously begun on next year’s tournament, I really hope we get enough interest to make it annual. I really need to find a way of getting involve with the guys more, it’s supposed to be my group. At the moment I tend to sit chatting with Sue whilst Mikey and Sean do all the work, although I must say that both of them are up to the task of organizing games and getting everyone settled. I am also impressed with how young Josh has progressed, when he first started coming along he could be rude and more than a bit mouthy. But now he’s polite, helpful and he seems to really enjoy being part of the group.

Warhammer 40k has so much to offer the guys, aside from the social thing it gives them a chance to share a common interest in their hobby, and it’s great see how the lads have got involved in the activities. I am really proud of all of them. The other thing that I have to appreciate about Saturdays is my current romantic situation. Meeting Trudes has been really good for me and I can certainly see a positive future with her. It’s almost as though she has pulled me off the self destructive path I was on. It’s also nice that Sue has enough trust in me to let me have stuff on tick and leave the shop in my hands, which is nice cos instead of paying me cash, she either knocks it off what I owe her, or it goes aside for anything I need for my armies.

Well tomorrow is Sunday and at present I have no idea what we’re up to, I know that I need to go home and spend a couple of hours with Obi, I’m sure that poor chap thinks I’ve abandoned him. I also need to get the house sorted as it’s a mess at the moment, and I need to speak to Matt about doing the kitchen up. It sounds like it’s gonna be all hands on for that. Trudes has said that she’s happy to lend a hand and I can ensure that tea & coffee are flowing freely.

Back on the Warhammer 40k front I also need to make a start on the Tau force, there are some fantastic models in the range and I’m really looking forward to fielding them, especially the rail guns with solid shot. Two words: KA BOOM.

So until tomorrow

Ta ta