Monday, 28 September 2009

Let he who is without sin

Helloooooooooooooo, so here I am, another day older and possibly wiser, (snerk) it’s been an eventful day, off to see an old friend who is otherwise indisposed at the moment. He seemed very chipper considering. Fortunately he won’t be in his situation much longer, woo hoo! Then back to Folkestone for a bus down to the in laws for tea and chat whilst the misses was off to Canterbury. I also had a chat with young Ben about Saturday. I had to explain to him that one of the lads was very unhappy with the game they had. Ben took it really well, and before I had to say anything, Ben said he will apologise to the lad in question on Saturday. I’m very proud of that little chap, particularly the way he handled the situation. I just hope now that once he’s apologised that will be the end of the matter. Tea told bens father that we’re together, from the little amount of info I have, he was quite off with her about it, not that I care what he thinks, but I wonder how he would react when he learns that tea and I are working really well together.

Back to work tomorrow, and with luck, pay day. I haven’t been this skint for some time. On a brighter note I now have more info about the debt problems I’ve been having. The M&S loan finishes at the end of November and the capital one account finishes on the second of October. It’s such a relief to know that I’m finally getting straight with my finances. By December I should be about £100 pounds better off. So it looks like I’ll be able to upgrade the orange account to a better service, i.e. more text and a bit more browsing allowance. This will be good as I learned today that orange are going to be offering the I-phone in the near future. So I may be able to get one of them. My only real grumble is that the I-phone only has a 2 megapixel camera. Fortunately my digital camera is 10 mega pixels, so I’ll just have to ensure that I have with me a bit more. Of course the main problem there is that the digicam doesn’t kick in as quick. At the last astronomy club meet Jason mention the ghost hunt that I’m going with him and some of his friends, originally it was to be held at a 16th century inn at Chelmsford. This has now changed to a dis-used airfield, still in Essex, I think. I’m really looking forward to it. Not only is it my first ghost hunt, but it’s also on October 31st. Anyway that’s about it for now. More tomorrow, assuming tomorrow’s eventful enough.