Thursday, 1 October 2009

Why is a mouse when it stops spinning?

An eventful day or two, work has been good, and that’s a real pick up for me. I had a chat with the doctor about some stuff, and he put my mind at ease. He also said that he will consider lowering the antidepressants on the 14th, so with luck I should be off them by February, I’m going to follow his advice and come off them slowly, I really don’t want to slip back when things have started going so well for me at the moment.

Some very big decisions are going to be made soon, mainly regarding my future with Tea. I know that it all seems a bit rushed, but it really does seem right. I still haven’t figured out what it is about her, but she really does belong in my life.

Smiffy came up last night, he continued painting the black reach Orks, and he’s doing a fantastic job. Another couple of sessions and they’ll be ready to hand over to Sue to beef up the house Ork army. I, on the other hand, am having all sorts of trouble with the black reach terminators. I’m painting the sergeant at the moment; it’s not going very well. The face is proving to be the most difficult. I see now why the folks at GW apply half a million coats of the same colour, it’s too cover pigment bleed through. The termie sarge has had at least five layers of flesh coloured paint applied and finally the red has stopped showing through. It’s my own fault really. I tried doing them all in one hit using the spray gun; it’s not really suitable for detailed models like troops and terminators. The spray gun’s a useful tool for large models like tanks and monoliths, although I did paint my monolith completely by hand. God I’m such a clever sod.

Once I’ve finished the termies, I’m going to do all of the space hulk models. Mickey’s already moaning at me because he’s desperate to play the game, I must admit I’m quite keen on playing it myself.

Counsellors tomorrow, the doc’s said that depending on the feedback from Linda, my counsellor, will determine whether he drops the dose or not. I think that the depression has eased off and there are several factors that have contributed to that.

D&D tomorrow night, I wonder how that’s going to go, will we actually get to do some gaming or will we sit down and listen to crap again? Well that’s it for now; I don’t expect to find the time to make an entry until Sunday. So with the party on Saturday and the shop, there should be something interesting to scribe.

Fair thee well dear reader, may you get everything you hope for and may your sausages turn themselves.

Oh yeah, word of the week, FLANGE