Sunday, 4 October 2009

tomatoes are a fruit you know!

So it’s been two days since last entry, and such fun has been had. Last the lads came round for the evening; the conversation was occasionally interrupted by the odd stint of gaming. By the end of the night Joe had me in stitches. We really should start writing some of the stuff we come up with down. Aside from Joe going to Goa with a goer, the conversation was rude and hilarious, none of which can be written down here. If Friday nights were to be televised, it would have to be broadcast on five. I look forward to Friday nights again; I really think that I’m on the last leg of recovery, if recovery is the right word.

I had my last counselling session yesterday afternoon; the counsellor was very pleased with the end result of my question session. When I did it first the result indicated that I was borderline. Now things have done a complete flip. I’m extremely happy, and things seem to be getting better all the time.

Saturday was Warhammer day, and that’s been great, I really enjoy Saturdays and I think the guys enjoy it too. After the shop it was a mad rush to get home, sort out Obi, get stuff together to take up to Teas. Then get ready to head off to Mick and Dots 50th wedding anniversary. Tea looked fantastic and despite scary aunts, I think she enjoyed herself. Apparently we’re off to Mum & Dads tomorrow, probably for dinner. I think there’s going to be family there, scary stuff. I also plan to ask Mick and dot for Teas hand. It has to be done properly you know. Any way as I’m writing this Steve Martin’s the Jerk is on the telly and I’m knackered, so I’m going to bed. Night all.


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Please let it be known that the man himself asked me the important question tonight and I said YES !