Wednesday, 7 October 2009

“Only a fool fights in a burning house”

I’m not a person who holds grudges, and I’m a fairly easy going kinda chap. I have been told, however, that I have a tendency to get off on the wrong footing. So in view of this, I’m prepared to wave a white flag and press the reset button. I do not want what started out as a bit of mudslinging to get out of hand. I also wasn’t happy with my own opinions. But it is said that opinions are like bottoms, everybody has one. I do not wish to make enemies and therefore I have retracted text from earlier, since this is an open blog, and all and sundry can read it I apologise for the content and context of my earlier blog. That being said, I hope that a line can be drawn under recent history and a fresh start made. So I shall take a deep breath, offer a virtual hand and hope that it is accepted for the gesture it is intended.

Let there be peace between our houses, and kinder words in the future. I wish those who have started out on a path, that I too shall soon be travelling, the best of luck and may the gods watch over their journey.