Saturday, 10 October 2009

Just when they think they know all the answers, I change the questions.

 red-dragon As another week closes on us and we prepare for the weekend, I was shocked to learn that due to the “baggage” I carry, I’m considered to be a “lame duck”! According to definition a “lame duck” is someone who is weak or falls behind in ability or achievement. Weak? Hmmmmm, there are things about myself that will NEVER be mentioned in this blog, not because I’m ashamed of them, quite the opposite in fact! Also because I have no intention of talking publicly about it. My closest friends and my OH know about most of it, the OH knows a little more than most. My future in-laws are also aware of my “issues”. As said in earlier entries, the one thing that really ticks me off is people who judge a person, without even knowing them. I don’t just mean me, given my chosen career, I see a lot of incidents where people assume that a person has no ability to react or respond for themselves. I like to refer to it as the “does he take sugar?” syndrome. Yet again someone has made a snap decision based on insufficient knowledge. In actual fact, none at all. I can be loud, lary, annoying and somewhat thoughtless. But who has the right to base their view of someone after what amounts to less than ten minutes in their company. When considering what I do to earn my crust, one of the most important skills is reading people, I can recognise signs that a person is about to lose their temper, I can work out how bad it’s going to be. I can make a fair assessment of a person disposition towards others. But with all the training I have, I still need a couple of hours minimum before I have even a basic idea of someone’s character. However, a short while ago I met someone who is not only unattractive on the outside, but inside as well. The word “dragon” doesn’t even begin to sum up how vile this woman is. I’m not easily bothered by people, some make me uneasy, once in a while they scare the be-jesus out of me. Well this old crone was the latter. She seems to have the opinion, “I’m not happy, why should any other so & so be?” a sad old battle axe, who likes nothing more than bringing others down. Sadly there’s a possibility that our paths will cross again, if that happens and she tries to bring any of my loved ones down, or push them around, she’ll be told that she will not be welcome in our lives. I’ve slain dragons before, they’re no big threat. All you need to know is what colour dragon has what type of breath weapon. For instance a red dragon has fire as a breath weapon, so when facing such a beastie you simply need to carry lots of things that protect you from fire. So, as they say, forewarned is forearmed, and I am prepared for this particular dragon. I’ve sharpened my greatsword +5 v dragons, I’ve polished my red dragon skin armour and I have a ring of fire protection and the OH has a big hose. So when this old wyrm awakens, she’s getting it in the craw, from me and her neice.

Friday night was the usual RPG night, well that’s not entirely accurate, Tea gave me a bottle of Jack Daniels to pass on to Lord Oli, and on the way home I stopped in the shop and picked up some coke and some lemonade as I didn’t know what Lord Oli mixed with it, turned out to be coke. Anyhoo there was only about ten minutes of D&D played before Lord Oli opened the bottle. By the end of the evening I’d had four, yes four, glasses of JD and coke, using Lord Oli measures, but before I went to bed I had to have a bottle of Doom Bar, my favourite ale. The other cool thing about Friday night was the fact that our usual pizza suppliers are, once again, doing buy one get one free on large pizzas. HOO RAH! So two large pepperoni and mushroom pizzas, with extra cheese, were winging their way to us. Oh sweet lord!

Saturday has been shop day, slightly hectic and I think the lads had been on too much sugar again, oh joy. But on the whole the day was good and the lads were, as usual, fairly well behaved. I saw an old friend and told her the news of my forth coming nuptials; she was very pleased and suggested that I should let my ex know. I’m not too sure how that will go down so I’m giving it some thought; I’ll keep you posted on that.

At the end of day, I had a couple of errands to run, most of which involved ambling around Waitrose, cat food, milk, sugar and a couple of other bits. As I was leaving the cigarette counter area was fairly crowded and I had to squeeze through, as I did I knocked some fella with my backpack, so lightly may I add that I didn’t even notice, anyways I heard this fella say “yeah Thanks” as I passed him so I figured I must have knocked him, so being the polite well mannered young chap I am, I apologised. Blokeys response was “yeah, well, apology accepted!” the tone in his voice was one of contempt, as if he was doing me a favour, so as I walked away from him, he was a bit on the stunty side btw, I replied “oh thank you so much, I feel so honoured” “you f**king well should be!” he retorted, he must have learned that snappy come back at school. Definitely suffering from short man syndrome. Being a bit miffed with his attitude, and obviously the better man I simply suggested that he “shut up”, childish I know but I didn’t want to lower myself to his level. Like the old saying goes, never argue with an idiot, they’ll bring you down to their level then beat you with experience! I bashed the fella, I said sorry, he started giving me attitude, I guess I bruised his itty bitty ego, cock!

So it’s now Saturday night and I’m settling down with my fiancée and watch bones, lie to me and life on mars USA. Lie to me could cause a problem as the OH isn’t too keen on Tim Roth. Oh well says I, she’s made me sit through the X sodding factor so she has to sit through some of my trite. It could be worse, I could make her sit through three hours of thundercats and gen 1 transformers. Oh just remembered, when you use a digital camera to take a photo down the top of your OH’s dress, DO NOT then pass said camera to your future step son. it does raise some interesting questions, and the little toe rag deleted it. Which is rather annoying as it was a very good picture.


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hehe. Trust you to take a photo like that. :-)

Thundercats...thundercats...thunercats... HHHOOOO!