Thursday, 8 October 2009

That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die

Why is it that when you have a good day, it is invariably followed, almost immediately, by a not so good one? Sadly this rule does not apply in reverse, yesterday was a bit awful, what with the whole banking incident, and the fiasco that was the journey home. I thought I got on the right bus, but it turned out I was on the other one, ooooer missus! No, naughty people, not that other bus, that would be wrong! No the other bus I got on was indeed the 127, right number but wrong destination. So wrong in fact, that the gorram bus set off in the opposite direction. Now normally with local busses, for local people, when the same number goes to two different places, they go from different stops. But not the 127, oh no, it goes from the same stop for both routes. God I’m such a moaning git, whining about busses, all I needs now is an anorak, a note book and an adenoidal tone to my voice.

Any ways, on with today! It’s been shite! Well not all of it, mainly the ridiculous phone call from a company who don’t look at their own records. They damn near gave me a mahoosive coronary, I thought that all dealings with them had ceased on 2nd October, so when I got a call staying that they hadn’t quite finished with me, that sounds so rude, I was rather shocked. So I started the call on the defensive, actually I was fuming, so the poor lass on the other end of the line copped both barrels. After some of my, now infamous, ranting to sort out the mess these idiots had created. To be honest all it really needed was for one department to contact the other, ask if they got what they were due and be done with it. Instead, however, they phone me AT WORK! Grrrrrrrr! And threaten to set the hounds upon me. So I had to do their leg work and find out when things were settled. What did I get for putting an end to this situation? Nothing, that’s right, sod all! They cause me undue stress, I’m worrying myself stupid, and with the history I have with blood pressure, worrying is not a good thing for me. A simple “oops sorry!” would have been nice. Then there’s the whole poxy laptop issues, the sodding thing’s taken me a week to put right. Knowing the owner as I do, it won’t be long before it gets bought back with more problems. I anticipate some odd problem like the screen goes black when I switch it on, or it takes ages, i.e. 37 seconds, to switch on. What does the owner expect, an instant data transfer straight into the brain stem, firstly you need a brain stem, and secondly I now truly believe that some people really are too stupid to own a computer.

On the lighter side, my boy has agreed to be my best man. A date has been set, I’m being told to sort out my side of the guest list, there’s talk of booking the registry office at the end of the month. Is it too late to changed up my mind? (Snigger, snigger, tee hee!) She’s gonna hit me when she reads that bit. My side of the list is going to be gimongous; it’s a good thing that only one my sister, her husband, her two sons and respective partners may come. Otherwise it would be a complete nightmare and I’d probably end up rowing with my youngest sister, wouldn’t that be jolly, still it’s not a proper without some form of blue!

Todays entry has been a bit meandering, so I’m gonna sign of before start writing about the acid blooded freak that is the youngest of my sisters, I’ll save that for after I’ve heard her response to the announcement of my forth coming nuptials. No doubt my old man will mention it to her at some point. So, ensign, load the mudslingers and prepare to fire!

Ta ta anonymous browser, I bid you adieu!


Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

IS IT TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND ? Yes buster it and your right I will wallop you for that one Light & love of my life !